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  1. Mp + 50 noct kodak portra 400 | C41 home kit
  2. Mp + 50 noct kodak portra 400 | C41 home kit
  3. Mp + 28 summaron kentmere 400 | ilfotec HC
  4. So far I’m sticking with bulk rolls of kentmere 400 as well as Hp5+, for color im happy with either kodak pro image 100 and colorplus200 as well as ultramax 400 and occasionally shoot portra 400 the fujicolor somehow is more expensive here, got a couple of c200 while discounted
  5. Eating up a lot that its shutter count stop working lol for quite a few days, and it suddenly works again
  6. Hi junix, thanks! the plustek is quite amazing, one of the best probably, the caveat is that, you have to scan one by one the primefilm actually boats better image quality, but i’d stick with plustek for its reliability i have the epson for partial batch scanning though
  7. Mp + 50 lux kodak pro image 100 | C41home kit plustek 8200
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