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  1. Been always using akiasahi precut skins, be it original leather or just the leatherette
  2. Hi mate very interesting frames from the series just wondering, is the silbersalz35 a vision3 processed ecn?
  3. May be these hipsters dont know nothing bout MP, all they know is just M6 is made by leica, and it’s silver chrome, reminiscing the classic looks but less challenging compared to using anything prior to M6
  4. I wasnt aware they could upgrade the loading, but the M2-r is amazing
  5. im not so sure... either it would stay or it could only go up... they dont produce m6 for sure, whats available in the market is what they are, unless leica stop increasing their prices on MP and MA which i dont think they would, you would see the price for M6 and probably other M would only rise and above the interest in shooting films have gone up too, the consumer price films are craziest than they ever be
  6. Easy, m6 is probably the best selling M film body and a game changer for leica, part of the big history
  7. The rise in price…omg what happened to my keyboard
  8. Their rice is my advantage though as ppl seem to forget m2 and m-a or may b because they r meterless i m one of probably few to treat m6 as the last resort… may b i dislike for it being zinc
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