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  1. I agree, got my M10-D since it was lunched and readily available in my area... Then i sold my M10-D last month, and grabbed a couple of MPs couldn’t be happier... just wish film won’t die anytime soon
  2. I m oke as long as the frame spacing doesnt waste one whole frame in total within a roll or they dont overlap ...i think i’d live with it
  3. hi how do you describe uneven frame spacing? in the exposed film? yea i would live without its marvelous 2 years warranty, since sending back to leica going to take ages from where i live, especially during the pandemic like now, it would be absurd anyway, i m used with leica being without its warranty though, keep finger crossed everything is fixable
  4. i picked up 2020 july production black paint mp, the metering was off, no power at all, just like MA, returned it and swoop to a silver one, the focus finder was misaligned vertically, which was a pain too with some ghosting live with it, sent it to local repair, back and work flawlessly recently acquired another mp black paint for the love of it production 2021 march, perfect out of the box... couldnt be happier
  5. With a fixed bottom plate, looks like aint made of brass anymore
  6. given the choice, Mp + 50 summilux asph
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