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  1. my go to has always been a kentmere 400, and secondly HP5+ i got both of them bulk rolls, and developed at home to anyhow i like, they are quite versatile but for 120 format, i always use Tmax400
  2. out of curiousity, is your MP a black paint? my MP blackpaint sounds like yours, whereas my silver was silky smooth... it was like when advancing, the film roll gives a slight retention in a way but out of a roll it doesnt always happen everytime i advance the lever
  3. a bit worrying for the black paint, just got it last week hopefully they already fixed it off the factory
  4. Sometimes when shooting long exposure and running out of battery but very rare occasions in my case and definitely a loss for me if have to get m11
  5. Reading all the rumors of the upcoming m11, i already miss the baseplate.. no, not bcoz i love it, at times it’s rather a hassle…. But may be its nostalgic… soon or later it would be a history…or it would make a come back
  6. Probably top plate and bottom made of aluminum? So i have excuse not to get one another change i noticed besides the usual notch on baseplate which dont exist anymore is the focus/the dof preview button probably swapped with the extra button on top plate
  7. Exactly mate! Well spotted on…. During my long well spent time with leica M, i have been selling and reacquiring the same lenses… and had to learn the hardest way that every glass i used was worth keeping the only glass probably i didnt miss was the safari. 50mm cron but then i have other 50’s up my sleeve…. Being apo bc was one of ‘em hahahaha
  8. The lens i miss the most is every leica glass that i sold to fund another… some i was lucky enough to reacquire, now im trying so hard to add without swapping…
  9. My type of shooting, i like to keep it simple but I wouldn’t mind having 2 bodies to carry too… it’s just if u compare with m10-R i’d probably go with it instead
  10. Hi Tor, honestly speaking i seldom preview my photos, that including the sharpness i use OVF because i think it’s faster and dont want to halt my flow
  11. Hi I think it does change the point, the reason why i swapped with m10-p at that time becoz of the touch screen where i can move the focus by touching though i seldom focusing using other than the OVF
  12. Hi mate, exactly what your thoughts are, considering u have the original and f1 noct, I’d probably stick with ‘em too but what i have is the 0.95, despite being a beast of its own, the 1.2 is a nice addition that i’d keep
  13. I took the plunge and man, was surprised with this heritage noctilux… hope everyone is a happy camper by now a noctilux that can be carried all day
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