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  1. The Leica system and TTL works "fine" specially when on the move indoors and the room lighting without flash would create blown highlights, using bounce flash on or off the camera I find that very little compensation is needed to get good exposures, it "just works". I have Canon D series camera and canon speedlights and I have a lot more choice for control on the camera, Leica dose not have the same degree of adjustment for the SF60 in camera, but Canon is a different system and I use Canon cameras for a different type of photography. I would recommend the SF60 and trigger for anyone who wants to use flash on the Q, Q2 Q2M and SL, for on the move flash it works "fine", for studio work there is obviously other choices for lighting. I have not had any problems with reliability.
  2. I don't agree, I use the SF60 and trigger on the Q, QM and SL and TTL works just fine.
  3. Q2M and Leica trigger, SF60 on tripod through white umbrella.
  4. Hmmm, I like the re-cocking sound!! I only use discreet mode, I can hear the twang of springs and the gear teeth engaging and if the sound should change I know that something is wrong, so far the sound hasn't changed, (touch wood).
  5. L Bracket, fits Q, battery and card can be removed without removing bracket, no mods needed. I use it on the QM with some modification (Dremel), I can remove battery and card without removing bracket. https://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/0.html?spm=a2g0s.9042647.6.2.1fb14c4dsUq56y&orderId=8129817197436521&productId=32874177254
  6. "Blood Moon" 28 may 2021. SL (601) VE 24-90
  7. Temple to the Sacred Automobile, Liverpool bombed out church. D-lux 4
  8. Q2M, I find I can now push the shadows in high iso images to the extreme without any banding!!
  9. Its so real, I feel like I could walk straight into the picture!
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