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  1. So where do you feel this would sit within the pricing structure? ..above or below the 24-90 ? if this correct I for one am v interested.
  2. Mine arrived yesterday from Germany...only ordered on Tuesday ! Battery on charge and awaiting fresh memory cards from Amazon. ..now what to do with my mint M10.. ? don’t really want to run both side by side ..still need to sort glass for the SL2S ..so maybe p-ex. out of interest what’s the best way of gauging value ?..not really interested in the e-bay route. steve.
  3. Also had the same e-mail yesterday...
  4. Sorry..should read LFI magazine!...I pad predictive nonsense!
  5. Hi there..anyone in the U.K. received the latest copy of lfi yet ?...I think it was released on the 18th may..seems to be taking a while to arrive.
  6. Has anyone n the U.K. With a subscription received the most recent issue yet ?...I did get an e- mail,earlier in the month saying production would be delayed ( presumably to include the CL release ) Just wondered when my copy will turn up.
  7. Does anyone have details of the diopter adjustment on the CL ? Is the range the same as on the SL ?...Leica website says +- 4 for the CL but +2 -4 on the SL...or have I misunderstood?
  8. Thanks guys...was a little confused!
  9. Please forgive the rather simplistic question...what is the difference between the M Adapter L and the M Adapter T ?....I have purchased the former for my SL to have a go with M lens range. Have I gone for the correct one ? I only raise this as quite often adverts show pictures of one type with the description of the other....are they the same functionally? Thanks...Steve.
  10. Apologies for resurrecting this thread.. does fw2 make any difference in disabling the video function ...it's not something I will ever use,but do seem to hit the button by mistake quite regularly!
  11. thanks for the reply ! ..just waiting for the battery to full charged. steve.
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