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  1. Thank you. I think soon i will be in a position to compare both at home/yard level and might be able to share the results but honestly to me it would only matter if i see severe shift wide open and again we are talking about 35mm wide focal length. Thanks again for the replies. T
  2. I wonder if someone would try that Many thanks michael. you are very kind
  3. Greetings everyone, I shoot plenty of Film on my M setup and now i would like to add 35mm Summilux to my setup. I know there is alot of fuss about Focus shift etc on Asph version. Has anyone got examples or can someone share how bad is it? I wonder if its going to be a problem on in film? Thanks in advance T
  4. Honestly i dont think it feel bad by any way however as a owner i have no clue what this thing is. Leica Doesnt respond. i am awaiting their reply for ages. sob
  5. Aha.. so no certain answers I have written to leica and they seem to be taking ages, Local dealer here in England had perhaps no clue what he was talking about. Thanks everyone and i still keep an eye on posts and replies here to see if someone has more knowledge. Thanks again
  6. I would like to apologies in advance if this has been asked before, please ignore my ignorance. My Father has Mp ala carte Which has Ostrich Style Leatherette, Leica Config says Ostrich Style Chesnut when you go on the website, I am sure its not a ostrich Leather, However question is, This ala carte Body Trims are Real Leathers at all? If not what material is our Ostrich mp ala carte. Thanks again in advance for help.
  7. Can you direct me to the links pls if u dont mind, I believe that 18mb refers to max print size when connected to frontier lab printer system of the time. New machines can print up to 12x18 direct from scanner. Sadly there is very limited information as Fuji Stopped selling and making them
  8. Not sure if 5500x3600 is going to be 18mb file. not that i own one. i would love to get hands on one of them.
  9. Fuji Frontier 500 could be amazing work-horse too, however you first will have to make sure that you know some-one who could provide you with software support.
  10. If you are not worried about speed and PP time involved, Plustek 8200i is best bet with silverfast which has a learning curve but yes its worth every penny. If you want Kodak Colours and Speed With Amazing results in almost no time, Pakon 135+ is way to go! If you prefer Fuji Tone and want a tank like a strong machine, You can go for Fuji Frontier SP500 or if cost is no issue SP 3000. SP500 Can scan entire roll in 5-7ish mins with 5xxxish x 36xx resolution which is Excellent for 12x18 Print size. Hope that helps.
  11. Kodak Pakon 135 Plus is old school minilab but amazing and quick! uncut roll in 3-4 mins with ice applied. Fuji SP500 is Amazing with possible 5400x3600ish high def scans. Scans entire roll in few mins however could be pain to setup as Fuji still owns the softwares and you need to find software. ( i am happy to help if you can get hold of scanner) Enjoy!
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