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  1. haika


    nein. das kabel ist unabdingbarer teil der stromversorgung, in einer fotografischen "komposition" hat es nichts verloren, es sei denn, du dokumentierst für den energieversorger.
  2. i think it ought to be straightened. the top horizontal is lowering to the right. with symmetrical images like this one, lens correction as well as correct alignment are essential.
  3. haika


    super! sowas findet man oft in s/w, aber für mich sind es gerade die farben, die das bild weit über den durchschnitt dieser art von architekturfotografie stellen! und trotz aller härte der linien gibt die überbelichtung dem ganzen eine weiche anmutung. find ich einfach toll.
  4. haika


    das ist gut. gute idee und schöner grafischer aufbau. könnte imho noch etwas nachbearbeitung vertragen, kontrast, farbintensität...
  5. haika

    mannheim jungbusch

    find ich sehr gelungen
  6. haika

    Union Horlogere

    imho, this is a good example for an image which could benefit a lot from hdr developing. i want to see what's in the window, what's going on behind the display.
  7. haika


    Wie Werner gesagt hat: Volltreffer! Und was für einer!
  8. strong, graphical image! I think it ought to be straightened a bit, it seems to be leaning right. What type film did you use? Any chance you could push the contrast even more? Cheers,
  9. haika

    My House in IR

    Great shot. IR and wide angle go together nicely. Wonder how this scene would look with a CV 15 or 12 lens, stepping up closer to the house. Cheers,
  10. Definitely needs straightening. Great pic! Cheers,
  11. #1 if you want "ideas" or "creativity", #3 if you want "fatigue" or "resignation". Cheers,
  12. on the contrary, I think the "negative space" makes this picture. The only reservation for me is that the eyes of the subject are too "mild". If they were either closed or, better yet, wide open as if in horror, it would add to the surreality. Cheers,
  13. you were thinking wonderland, I was thinking you lived next door to her cheers,
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