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  1. Alan, I think the font looks appropriate on yours. Probably an authentic military marking. It doesn't really shed much light on my question, but thanks for sharing. I always like to see new and different Leica items.
  2. Good points, Kaya, but I don't think that totally precludes it from military use. It may not have been originally intended for the military, but redirected there to fill an order. I can find no other VIDOM of this era that have any type of serial number, other than military ones.
  3. I just put this up on the 'bay, if anyone is interested. I still am interested in hearing your opinions, though.
  4. I know I'm digging up a dead thread, but I think this might be a military VIDOM. It doesn't have an Eagle or Swastika, but just the number K40 stamped in the accessory shoe. Opinions?
  5. Fascinating! Thank you. Another example of the Leitz quest for precision.
  6. Hi All, Can anyone tell me what the small, vertical "19" beside the m on the distance scale of some lenses is for? I've observed it on several Leica lenses, so I know it's not rare, but I don't know what it is. In this case, on a black, rigid 5cm Summicron. Thanks!
  7. Thank you both. I do my best to research these items on my own. Many more Leitz items pass through my hands that I successfully identify myself, but occasionally I need a little help or verification. I appreciate your expertise. Best Regards, George
  8. Greeting Knowledgeable Gentlemen, I have a curious little accessory here. From the waist down, it's a normal lens hood fitting the 3.5cm & 5cm Summicron, Elmar, etc. Instead of a normal hood, however, it has a male 49mm thread on the front. It's marked "42" on the rear chrome surface that faces the camera. Please help!
  9. Yes, other than the flare issues (I think this lens is uncoated, or single coated at best), I am impressed with the lens. It appears quite sharp.
  10. One more, a crop of the above image, with contrast adjusted in post processing.
  11. Here is a shot at f/9 on a Sony A7, ISO 100, with focus on the word Leitz. It exhibits quite a bit of flare, but that could be adjusted in post. My apologies for posting a Sony image on the Leica forum, I don't have a Leica digital, and was originally asking about a Leica part.
  12. Hello. I'm looking for some help from the knowledgeable gentlemen of Leica Forum. I have what I believe is a Focomount. It has an internal thread for M39, is adjustable for focus, and currently holds a Carl Meyer 50 APO-X-f:9 lens via another adapter (m39-> 25mm). I believe that this makes it a focomount #3 ZQGOO 16688. Is this correct, and does anyone know anything about the Carl Meyer lens? I can't find anything about it on the net.
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