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  1. Red Dot London, Richard Caplan St James St and the Leica Store at Mayfair....Always had great service...nice people, keen to help!
  2. A very interesting and thoughtful article thank you Thorston....stimulates thoughts and its helpful as part of continuous learning process... What is also interesting also how these threads also start to deviate and "grouchy" comments start to creep in....bit of a shame really when I suppose all any one of us should be interested in is learning more, challenging the "norms "and questioning to learn even more....Then applying what you learnt through the view finder.......trying different techniques... Maybe it's 66.6% of all Leica pictures are in black and white, or maybe its not....
  3. I kept with just the 35mm Cron...beauty to use and lovely rendition...one lens and one MP 240 Safari. A serious internal debate raging though.... I want a 50mm for certain Street and Portrait....so Noctilux V Summilux.... I only want one 50mm, so decisions, decisions....weight/size v the "0.95" is the question in my mind...I know its a personal choice....at the moment the weigh/size issue is slightly ahead so the Lux....but that Nocti is still nagging me!. Help!....
  4. My relationship working with my M is a strong bond!!! I've got used to its quirks and love the experience of the process of taking a picture. I came back to manual focusing RF photography, from "swanky do it all" DSLRs....My love of photography has gown, the more I use the MP 240....maybe I'm just starry eyed with this camera, but to be frank I wouldn't change a thing....it makes you think and work for your picture and that suits me fine..
  5. IMO yes, if you want the benefits the M brings. The SL and the M are at different points in the camera hardware evolution and created for different purposes. I've found the M lets you play and experiment far easier than any other camera system I've owned. Thats why I eventually gravitated to the MP 240. It does all I want, has a selection of the most fantastic lenses available. Its tactile and beautiful to hold and use. maybe I'm just out of the market at the moment for a new camera!! Anyway I think the SL reinforces the unique nature of the M...so its horses for courses...I can't see myself
  6. Totally agree...I've never missed a shot as my MP 240 slowly develops enough steam to work...If you are using your camera switch it on...carry an extra battery is you really are concerned over usage..... a Non issue in my real life experience...
  7. Thanks for the input and advice, appreciate it.....also for pointing me in the direction for other threads. I'm new to this forum so helpful tips are always appreciated. As in most things, its a personal choice. My previous bag was too big and bulky, to accommodate a DSLR and couple of large lenses. The one I want needs to be small (ish) and just for an MP 240 with lens on, plus a second lens. I'll surf the suggestions you have given. Thank you.
  8. Has anyone on here got a fast and prime bag? they look awesome but the price....
  9. Hi, I've been trawling the web sites for a a new camera bag. I need something relatively small to carry an MP 240 with lens and spare lens (noctilux size), plus enough room for phone and little bits and bobs. Just wondered if any of you had any recommendations. I've looked at Ona bags and not keen on having something looking like a satchel..would like something classic, Quality leather and not bulky. Any suggestions gratefully received.....I'm based in the Uk. Thanks.
  10. I wish I could join you, but unfortunately have work commitments...
  11. I purchased my Leica on June 1st 2015...MP240 Safari...I was on a business trip in Canary Wharf and rushed back to the hotel to charge up the battery and have a "play" walking around the Wharf....after about 1/2 hr wondering around getting used to RF focusing (this is my first Leica having had Olympus and Nikons), an old gentlemen came up to me as he'd been watching me fiddle around taking a picture of a sculpture. He commented that he had a Leica back in the early 60's and you couldn't mistake the design!....and seeing me obviously enjoying myself reminded him of his early Leica days. He had
  12. 2 very different pieces of kit...but clearly 2 beautiful machines. If money is not a limiter in this decision, go for the MP 240...more choices as you develop your photography and access to brilliant lenses.... I bought my MP recently and haven't been able to put it down....its a beauty and quirky and helps me take lovely pictures. The joy is in the use of it....it looks a work of art and feels a work of art...and helps you make works go art when you get good enough!! I'm sure the Q is great...but the M is in its own league.... Good luck with whatever you choose to do...
  13. Congratulations on your choice. I recently fulfilled my long term ambition of owning a Leica. Having started photography with an Olympus OM1 as a child of 10 and then Nikons for decades. I always hankered over a Leica and waited.....waiting until digital age really moved on with Leica!! Anyway I bought the MP 240, Safari with the 35mm Cron. Just fell for the looks of the Safari. Its a personal choice, but all 3 options look awesome. I've enjoyed the last few weeks getting back to "real" photography again and theres nothing like using a Leica..I can't stop smiling!.. My plan is to l
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