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  1. Hi I put the album of pics from my trip on flickr. Hope you enjoy them. I will definitely be using the camera / lens/ film combo for future treks. Cheers, Julian
  2. Hi I ended up taking Portra 400 [and one roll of ColourPlus 200 bought locally] on my trek in Morocco, exposed mainly using Sunny16 rule. Films are now with AG for dev/print/scan. Hoping the results are good, hope to post some soon. Cheers, Julian
  3. Today I have had a look at a fat TE, an Elmarit and Apo-Lanthar and M-Rokkor. The first too were too big/weighty, the Apo-Lanthar didn’t appeal (not sure why, I am delighted with my other Voightlander lenses) but my heart went with the M-Rokkor so I snagged it there and then and can’t wait to try it out. Thankyou for all the advice/guidance, it is much appreciated
  4. Hi Thanks for putting me right chaps. I am aiming towards the M-Rokkor. I think it fits the bill quite nicely, price, weight, size and I am sure performance. F4 is just fine for this sort of requirement although I may complement it with a later Elmarit at some point in the future. I'll let you know how I get on! Cheers, Julian
  5. Confused. The S/no on your pictured lens is 1976, the Minolta CLE came out in 1980? Surely the Minolta for the CLE looks like my posted photo?
  6. I would without question jump for the late Elmarit if it were smaller and lighter! I have read [perhaps too] much on the www about problematic thin T-E's, degradation between lenses, fungus, flare etc which discourages me buying one. Hi LCT thanks so much for your detailed post. How can I be sure of the later Rokkor? There is one says made by Leitz on the front ring, is that the earlier CL one, and the better Minolta version below? Thanks for your help all, its much appreciated Julian
  7. Hi I think the weight and size of the Apo-Lanthar is okay, and it will mostly be used focussed at a distance. Is the 90 Elmar-C [CL lens] and the Rokkor version the Voigtlander's equal, or better? The Macro Elmar is not on the cards for me, although no doubt lovely I really can't spend that sort of money on a lens and then be camping or in shared mountain huts. It might very well be okay but I would worry too much so it would always be on my mind. The thin TE is ideal but I have read about optical issues due to age which really put me off finding a good copy. Julian
  8. Hi I am looking for a 90 to complement my M4-2* and 50 collapsible Elmar-M when I go hiking and [modest] climbing. I really like what I see written about the late Elmarit but I fear it is too heavy and too big. I was looking at the Tele-Elmar M but reports of flare and potential optical issues [haze?] put me off. What else compares to the Elmarit and is smaller and lighter and not too expensive? I am open to other brands and wonder about the Apo Lanthar? Cheers, Julian * I will also use it on my M262 but I don't take it hiking / climbing.
  9. Yes, one stop overexposed. sblitz, I'm not keen on Fuji colour, as you suggest, a matter of taste.
  10. Wattsy, thanks for the correction. I think I may still go for Portra 400 [colours stronger than 160?] and underexpose by one stop and take a 2 stop ND just in case? Is that a reasonable plan? I watched this video where the presenter seems to think -1 > +3 stops is acceptable... If I aim for one stop over as jips photos above it puts me bang in the middle of its latitude? Ideal for Sunny16 estimations?
  11. Hi Cracking feedback thanks so much gents. I am very tempted my Portra 400 and ND or pulling. Both great ideas considering the lesser latitude from Ektar. I will try to get a roll before I go away to test it. If I pull to 100 [and process appropriately], will it still have the flexibility of the wide latitude or will I loose that? If so, ND filter may be a better option. And thanks for the link too Allan, I could get to that via google! Great news on TMax P3200 too! Cheers, Julian
  12. The difficulty with iso400 is too much speed. With a maximum of 1000th to play with, in Morocco I wil likely end up with many exposures at 500th f16 without much scope for creativity! Interesting that the colours are stronger than 160 though, I would not have expected that. Cheers.
  13. Hi Thanks for the replies so far. I discounted slide film because I’d like to have the opportunity to shoot with Sunny16 sometimes so a film that required careful exposure is not ideal. I have looked at Lomo 100 and whilst some samples I really liked, a sizeable proportion had colour casts, particularly to the cold side which I am not a fan of, preferring to err towards warmer colours. Does this sound right for this film? I hadn’t considered Cinestill. I will try it at some point I am sure but probably not for this trip. Whilst I would prefer the 160 offered by Portra, I like the
  14. Hi Off to Morocco soon with my M4-2. Would like to take some colour print film [usually a B&W film shooter] and from the images I have seen on the internet, I have shortlisted Ektar. Are there any similar films out there I should also consider? And does anyone know Kodaks www address for camera film/chemicals etc..? I can't seem to find anything other than motion picture film! Cheers, Julian
  15. Ah well, my beloved M4-2 has started playing up. I recovered it in a lovely CameraLeather and all it does in thanks is start screwing around with the slow speeds! Never mind a service is now booked and I have treated it to a nice new partner on its return, a 50mm Elmar-M all ready for my next trip away.
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