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  1. DOH! I forgot completely about actually going to an actual physical store. thanks!
  2. i'm not looking for a bargain charger. I'd happily buy a Leica branded product.
  3. Has anyone here been able to find a battery charger for the T anywhere? I have searched with no luck. I found one on Ebay, but it turned out his ad was wrong and the battery didn't fit. I know I can just charge vis the USB port. But, It is nice to have a second battery charging while I am using the camera. I spend 1/2 of the year in another location so it would be nice to just leave one charger in each location. Thanks.
  4. Probably. But, it is that non-automatic, completely human-machine interface I love(d) about the M3.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. In particular to @pgk who provided a framework for thinking about my choices. As for the suggestions to get an M9 body. One of the things I like about the T is the overall simplicity and relatively small size of the camera. But, perhaps selling some of the bodies to finance an M9 is not a bad idea. Then use the T with the zoom as a basic travel camera. I also very much appreciate @jaapv's comment on nostalgia. While I will probably never place another roll of film into an M3, there is something wonderful about just holding the camera and feeling the shutte
  6. First post here, so please let me know if this is the wrong place for this post. Several years ago I helped a friend out by buying his camera gear to save him from hocking it. I offered to let him have it back anytime he wanted at the price I paid. Long story short, he is now completely out of photography I now have 4 M bodies and 7 lenses. I dropped out of film years ago and have no interest to start again. Anyway, last year I decided I needed to do something with all that glass and sprung for a "T" body and an M adapter. The combination certainly has its drawbacks, like focus, and
  7. I have found this cleaner to be effective: http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00JPD0UQW or http://www.amazon.com/Sensor-Gel-Stick/dp/B00JPD0UQW
  8. Gary: I am not familiar with the availability of additional correction. Can you point me in that direction... although, with my eyes (-5 and -8) it probably won't be enough to focus) @bencoyote. Interesting idea, Assuming the small sensor just above the LCD is part of the "problem" I'll see if covering it helps.
  9. I can't believe this hasn't been discussed, but if so, I couldn't find the thread... My eyesight is (way) outside the ±3.5 diopter range of the T's Visoflex. So, I need my glasses. So far, no issues. However, If I am in bright light, especially if the sun is at my back (not an uncommon position) the camera simply will not switch from the LCD to the Visoflex on its own. I can usually force it to switch by holding my hand over the Visoflex and the sensor above the LCD, and then quickly switch to my eye." This is, simply put, a pain and sometimes it takes more than one attempt. It wo
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