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  1. Old version available on Ebay makes makes this Cased version look cheap.
  2. Got those just need the Aston Martin and a suitcase.....
  3. Thank you Andreas. With 20 years in the bag (make and model and size still under debate) and travels around the world you have nurtured a unique community. Cheers from Melbourne in lock down where every day has recently been a one hour challenge.
  4. The free sample and a DIY project upgrade for the dreamers.
  5. Suggested firmware updates would be Tri-x only mode with authentic grain simulation and perforation frame. Cartier Bresson decisive moment AI mode using nanosecond precision auto shutter timing. Limited edition mode for print only output with superimposed signature and limited print number before file self deletes.
  6. Is there a filter on the front labelled ELPRO. If there is it is a removable close up attachment.
  7. I constructed this device from parts for Sigma 50mm macro lens. The slide negative holder attaches to the front of the lens via adaptors and lens hood of suitable length. As the whole unit is rigid it can be used with many light sources including window light or flash. Cheers
  8. I will wait for the next version signed by Cartier Bresson.
  9. As I only had Plan lenses I cannot comment on the non plan lenses. Plan Apo are the best quality of the pre infinity optics and have a 170 tube length number on the objective. A periplan ocular gives the best result for photomicrography.
  10. I worked with a 1950’s Ortholux for 38 years. If you are looking for more documentation try http://www.science-info.net/docs/leitz/ Most microscope camera adaptors will work on a leitz microscope and there is are c-mount adaptors. The older Leitz branded varieties used damped couplings and leaf shutters to minimize shutter shock or decoupled adaptors for the aristophot. Electronic shutters are perfect for a camera hard coupled to the microscope like the current Leica c mount microscope cameras. Cheers Pierre
  11. The 90mm makro has a leica screw thread for use on the visoflex via the OUBIO or just an M mount screw thread adaptor. There is ample extension without the OUBIO or visoflex for M camera mounting and this is more compact for travel.
  12. The 6x9cm plate camera was popular among many microscope manufacturers as individual development of film or plates could be applied to different contrast specimens. Contact prints were large enough to put in lab books. Compur shutters were low vibration. Aerial image focussing via telescope objective was accurate as dim lighting made ground glass difficult. Looking forward to more on this topic. Cheers Pierre
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