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  1. looks like its the best m lens leica ever produced my favourite glass since day one
  2. reminds me the cover of Pink Floyd Pulse live album
  3. M10-R and 35 APO-Summicron M
  4. M10-R and 35 APO-Summicron M
  5. All resolved - Dealer swapped it for a new body next day after my request. Great service!
  6. Will do for sure. it was my first experience though when brand new camera is dead.
  7. Hello dear friends. Bought M10-R couple of months ago and had no occasion to shoot before today and immediately after the first press of the shutter, the camera freezes. No response on any buttons, had to remove the battery each time. So, accidentally managed to install a new software update, but it did not help either, i have never faced such a problem with a new camera. Given the lockdown and logistic issues between Russia and Germany, i have no idea what to do. Its just 8k USD useless black brick now.
  8. @jonoslack Actually, every time i see the announcement of new camera review from You, Im trying to postpone its reading and saying to myself - don't open the web page please! When I've heard first time about Q2M, my first reaction was - no way as i have M10M So i have decided to pass Q2M! I was so happy so i could resist. P.S. Just paid for the half case for Q2
  9. with 35 Summilux 1.4 - take my money
  10. Soviet Union - A DISAPPEARED EMPIRE (This is the part of a big project i have stopped due the quarantine and Covid) Leica M-P240 + Elmarit 28 ASPH
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