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  1. Catchlights depend on how you light and frame your subject. At similar focal length and aperture, one lens can't be better than the other...
  2. I say few can maintain two sets of lenses with the "modern" varieties and the "classic" for that occasional magical requirement. If if anyone has done enough PP knows that if you want a certain look in post using one particular lens, it's only the first time that you need to spend a lot of hours to figure it out. The process should be quick for the next picture, especially if you know how to automate the process. I reduce my lens set to the essentials with no duplicates so that I can focus on shooting instead of wondering whether I should bring the Lux 50 ASPH instead of the non-ASPH... Of cou
  3. If it's just high macro contrast, you can achieve that in post. It's the micro-contrast that the Otus has over the older lenses. And really, without a really good control test, I would take any of that as a grain of salt. I have done enough lens testing myself. People tend to wax poetic about the magical properties of their old lenses as if the old lenses need to have something better than the new one besides being cheaper. Now, among the modern lenses, you will certainly see the difference between each company take on what they want to achieve. Better yet, a blind test would settle any argume
  4. what is a vibrating finger contour? First time I heard of it.
  5. I do half of my shooting on tripod so I have a RRS L-plate permanently attached on the camera. No problem there for me with the pinky. I comfortably shot a whole day with the monstrous Sigma 105/1.4 (heavier than the Sony 100-400) without the battery grip. YMMV of course given a lot of people seem to have problem with the Sony ergo (I'm doing well with the Sony ergo). To me, if the M system is the manual focus specialist, then the Sony system (especially w/ the A9) is the AF specialist. At least, rent one and try it out yourself. If the camera feels uncomfortable to you. Most of these points w
  6. If you want the absolute best AF tracking system for good and low light in all situations, the A9 is it. It's not about if you can make do with such and such system. Heck, people shot airshows and indoor shows using manual focus lenses before. I have had my A9 for almost 2 years now, and I highly value a responsive AF system (camera + lens) now. What good of a sharp lens if you miss the intended shot? Horses for courses I say. And Sony has progressed a lot in the lens design department. I think their latest GM lenses (anything after the 400) has the best balance in term of size, weight and IQ.
  7. Just placed my order. I'm excited. I wonder if any of you here bought this lens. This is going to be part of my super small and light weight set-up. Even in this day and age, it's hard to find a fast 70ish that only weighs 200 grams and about half the size of the nearest equivalent lens. I was debating between this lens and the Macro Elmar, decided to go with this one for now. Borrowed this picture from a friend of mine. If you already have one, please share some shots.
  8. you meant the same stuff they have been making for Sony, Fuji and m43?
  9. In the land of Leica, premium Sigma is the bargain of the century.... Of course, they're all ginormous and heavy. I'm curious to see some native Simga's SL lenses.
  10. We'll see when they have another Summilux. Even with cine lenses, they didn't normalize the zoom lenses. Cost reduction is also my first thought, but hopefully that they won't do the same size for Wide angle and long lenses later.
  11. Thank you for the great comparison. It's such an eye opener for me. I have done lens test/comparison before, but often time, it's not as easy to spot the difference as yours. Maybe the Leica is just that good! It will take time Joris. Clearly, they didn't go for another Summilux release but switched to a set of APO Cron. The Elmarit/Elmar will follow. I feel the SL mirrorless system is the most flexible system Leica has right now. If you want to go extremely small, you need to adapt the M-mount lenses at the moment. But the option is there. If you want unequal performance in the 135 for
  12. For its size, it is still the best 21/1.4 you can buy. I have no doubt that the new Sigma 20/1.4 would be sharper but it's much bigger as well. With that said, to expect a 21/1.4 t be very sharp at WO is unrealistic.
  13. Thank you Mark! You are too kind . I was lucky on this one, just passing through the area.
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