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  1. I've had my M7 since 2009 and in 2011, I sent it in for the optical sensor update. I decided to have Leica put in the MP finder. Until then, the viewfinder flared occasionally. Often, it was easy to correct by moving my eye a nanometer, (the proper technical term is "teeny, tiny fraction of a hair on a gnats", well you know) but as with my M6 I've owned since 1995, it would flare when I was hunting focus on a moving subject, sometimes at the worst time. So when in 2017 the M6 needed a repair, I sent it to Mr. Ye and had the MP finder installed. No regrets. (A nanometer is 1/1000 of a micron wh
  2. It'll fit on a turntable, though. And also a CD.
  3. I have this combination - M-D 262 paired with a 50 Summilux most of the time. I also use the M7, either with slide film or more often than not TriX and usually also with a 50 Summilux or Summicron. They play together well. I always shoot on Auto exposure and the two cameras feel the same in use. I like that I can shoot at different ISO's with the M-D. I get good results at up to 3200 and usable results at 6400, but I really prefer to shoot at 100-400. Great results there. 800 and 1600 are pretty good, too. I have a few M's and a handful of LTM Leicas, but when I HAVE to get the shot, I use the
  4. Looks pretty nice! Can you tell us what it is?
  5. I have an M7 .72 made in 2002 and bought used in 2008. I sent it in for updated DX and MP finder + CLA to Leica in 2011. Back then the cost was 450 Euro but did not include the curtain work you need, but they replaced the electronic board as part of the CLA. I sent it again for a replacement VF window as it was showing some micro bubbles in the coating in 2017. That was 400 Euros as they also did a CLA. Lot of money, sure, but worth it to me. I find the MP finder flare free compared to before. I've been so impressed I replaced the finder on an M6, but Youxin Ye did that for me 2017. The M6 fla
  6. Yes, Youxin Ye services and repairs classic Leicas in U.S. - Massachusetts.
  7. Agree about the Leicameter. I am pretty sure these shutter dials were designed for use with the meter mounted. So much easier to set shutter speed on the bigger knurled wheel. And it does remove one setting. Now about cosmic signs...I could have used a few more over the years.
  8. Not so vintage compared to me ;O). My dad had a very user condition M3 that he bought decades ago. He mostly shot with his M6. When he passed, I used the M3 for a while but it started getting rough. I sent it out to Youxin Ye for a CLA, along with the Summaron 3.5 and collapsible Elmar 9cm f4, both with some fog. The lenses came back like new. The camera smooth as butter. While they were out for refurbish, I bought the M2 on a whim. Love at first sight. It just feels perfect. This was 5 years ago.
  9. I really like the M2, especially with a 35mm lens. With a 50mm lens, I even prefer the M2 to my M3 as I see the frame lines better with glasses on. I have an accurate MR-4 that I use to meter, but if traveling compact, a handheld meter or an iPhone app work really well. I use mostly a Summaron 3.5cm 3.5 in screw mount with an LTM to M adapter on the M2. The camera hails from 1966, the lens from 1958, both in good mechanical and cosmetic condition.
  10. Here is my M3 #1073408. It was my father's. He bought it used in the late 90's to complement his M6 Wetzlar. I have since added the DR and the MR-4. The winding mechanism and curtain started to act rough but Mr. Ye made it like new again a few years ago.
  11. Here’s my M2 from 1966. It’s either this Summaron or an Elmar 9cm collapsible 1:4 on it. The black MR-4 is very accurate, recently rebuilt and calibrated to modern batteries. Readings track my M-D 262 and my M7 closely.
  12. Just to make sure...is the lens cap off the lens when you turn the camera on and autoexposure is on?
  13. For a long time, I used a note taking app on my phone. Now I just take a picture with the phone with the camera and the roll of film together.
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