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  1. tsleica

    50 APO vs 50 // can’t see any difference

    The one in the 2nd pic is way way better...just squint your eyes..and you will see it...lol... The 2nd pic will definitely win the photo contest..the 1st one well..hahaha..!
  2. tsleica

    50 APO vs 50 // can’t see any difference

    Shoot a brick wall..you will see a difference...lol..
  3. tsleica

    12504 hood on 35mm Summaron?

    Thanks for the info folks! I'll have to get a hood for my 3.5!
  4. tsleica

    12504 hood on 35mm Summaron?

    How about the Summaron f3.5...? What is a good hood for it..? 1st version...
  5. tsleica

    35mm 1.4 Summilux pre-asph

    The front element of mine wobbles slightly...is there a fix for this..?
  6. tsleica

    Discussion: Essential M-Lenses?

    For me right now.. WATE/f1.0 Noct/35mm f1.4 pre And 50mm Elmar-M f2.8 for fun.. That would do just fine..and it does..
  7. tsleica

    50/0.95 value in future?

    Depends on what the economy does.. Probably in a bubble right now.. But who knows if Leica will even be in business in 10 years.. In either case the noct will still be expensive in relation to what the market will bear at that point in time..
  8. tsleica

    Summicron 50mm APO and not

    If you want the corners sharp..just use an APO enlarging lens...used..dirt cheap..lol.. ..here is a Focotar 2 on a extendable helical mount..
  9. tsleica

    90/2.8 Tele-Elmarit-M vs. 90/4 Macro-Elmar

    The TE is a good lens..nothing wrong with it unless you are wanting the latest resolution and color parameters.. Nice and small..pretty fast at 2.8..you can control the softness wide open or close for portraits..whats not to like..a real performer in many ways..you may not need another 90..unless you do macro a lot and want max performance in that range..
  10. tsleica

    Leica Null (0) Series

    I remember when stores were closing them out brand new for $899-..wish I had bought one back then..the lens is supposed to be one of the best..
  11. tsleica

    Selling the 50 Apo to return to the 50 lux?

    Sometimes you have to switch tools..to avoid becoming stagnant.. The musician switches instruments to change the ear input.. The photog changes lenses..even in the same focal length.. Best not to sell stuff..as you never know when you need a change.. I think that famous Samauri Mushasi said..paraphrasing here..he needed a sword that he was not too familiar with..to keep that ..edge...lol..
  12. tsleica

    Tele-Elmar 1:4/135 vs Apo-Telyt R 1:3,4/180

    I have the regular 2x's extender that came with my 60mm R macro..I wonder..how much better the APO version extender is..which is considerably more expensive..
  13. tsleica

    35mm Summicron Asph stuck in New Jersey

    Their turnaround is pathetic..
  14. tsleica

    Rumored 90 M Summilux f1.5 ASPH

    Start liftin...weights..lol..
  15. I paid $200- for a mint Elmar f4 w/lanthanum glass..good in close up or distance..good enough for me when I need some stretch..