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  1. How does Media Pro and Capture One Pro used together compared to Lightroom CC?
  2. Guys I am confused as anything. Simple question does Leica provide a full copy of lightroom with a M-P m240 camera? I am not interested in some cloud service or some 90 day trial version.
  3. But back to topic. I have a very expensive apo summicron 50mm that I don't want to see scratched on the front. What is the best recommendation for a protective only filter. I have the b+w 007 clear on my summilux 35.
  4. Yes I learnt that about the whole polishing of cars business the hard way . The business relies on you rubbing a rag with fine dust all over your paint work. All swirls are created by the user. I think the only way to ensure a good shine on a car is to get the highest quality paint on the car that money can buy at the factory and then just rinsing it and never ever putting a cloth or sponge on it or anything other then special car wash soap without any polish on it that will collect dust so that when you rub it off it creates swirls. In short never rub paint work with anything.
  5. I thought I would start out with my philosophy We all hang out for the latest M camera but we forget that the most important equipment is the lens matched to an m camera. Our photographic equipment are our lenses, these are the objects of our desire, the cameras are nice but it's the lens where all the magic happens. Last weekend I purchased an M240 at an acceptable price after selling my M9 at an acceptable price in New Zealand nearly two years ago. The seller was happy and more then that, kind. I have not yet used the M240 however I will say that the fact that it has video appeals
  6. We need to mention something about gorilla glass, I understood that the latest version of gorilla glass is superior to sapphire. Am I correct in my understanding?
  7. thank you That's the way to go with google docs, I suppose it would be nice if we could pick out an administrator who has the most cameras and experience and who could direct its expansion.
  8. Sure all the digital m models deserve to be there. And you know what nobody can say that an older model is truly inferior to a newer model, for instance there are people who would never part with their M8 over a newer model because for them, the M8 pictures had a unique look I imagine the comparison matrix table would become a sticky or pinned post up the front or even a PDF that's updated with latest learnings.
  9. I always wanted a thread where the differences between the different digital M cameras can be compared and commented on with the appropriate gravity by real life use. For instance at one point, Jaap provided a really good post that the M240 viewfinder was significantly better then the M9 and this was not something I got from any other source, including the manuals or the media. Ideally somebody with more time on their hands could create a comparison table matrix and update it every so often with a date say M_comparison_v20170119
  10. That's a long shot Pico. Great philosophical question. If somewhere in the universe there is a living being, the potential for the greatest living being to exist also, is always a possibility with a higher likelihood. The fact is, that a living being is a property of the universe. This fact cannot be easily undone considering our own self evident realisation of existence. Can we deny our existence? You are answering a question with no answer to a limited living being such as us humans with a matter of factness that surprises me. Does it originate from some sort of disappointmen
  11. I have certainly come to the correct conclusion that with insufficient money life is hard and happiness is elusive and sporadic. I would prefer to be happy and rich and pleased to hand over all my uniqueness and specialness to whoever feels they need some.
  12. M28

    Leica M 10

    Let's get back to the M. messucher! Rangefinder optimised lenses for a range finder. The only things I would really desire to be improved are in my not so humble opinion are: Weight of camera to decrease. Size of camera to decrease. Ergonomics to improve Focussing speed and reliability to improve by whatever additional means that can be applied to work with a range finder Improved rangefinder Vastly improved low light capability 50mp Waterproofing Longer guarantee Self cleaning or easier manual cleaning of sensor Fast memory change Long battery life iSO dial 5k v
  13. M28

    Leica M 10

    Jaap every time a new M is close , you say something similar. But you know as well as we all do We are too weak to resist!!!! :-)
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