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  1. The brassed look is my preference. I would pay more for one than I would an original or repaint.
  2. I believe I used the point of a safety pin to force the fabric through.
  3. I use both the Canon 50mm F1.5, which is a sonnar design, as well as a 1946 Leica 50mm F2 Summitar.
  4. This is true with other M lenses on the Sony as well. Most focal lengths below 50mm do not work well. Some 50mms seem to be ok, while others are still better on a Leica than a Sony, such as the Voightlander 50mm f/1.5 II.
  5. Personally, I went with a 1946 Leica Summitar 50mm F2
  6. What about the Canon 28mm 2.8 LTM? Quite small and you keep your rangefinder.
  7. Youxin Ye did my M2 is 2014. Excellent work and no complaints.
  8. I have seen genuine Leitz binoculars with Kriegsmarine markings, however I don't know if the markings were engraved by Leitz or after delivery.
  9. I used a drop of liquid electrical tape on 2 holes on mine. Has held up perfectly for 2 years.
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