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  1. Hi, My M10M auto-review/hold works in the way you want it to behave so there must be another setting causing the behavior you describe (unless this has appeared with the new firmware?). I am not sure off hand what could do this.
  2. That is a beautiful photograph Tim, congratulations.
  3. I can only second what Didier has said. The flat field of focus and sharpness across the frame to the extremes at all focus distances is remarkable. It does vignette wide open in case that is something that could be of concern to you but when matched with the M10M with the detail captured is incredible. The size of the lens is nicely balanced on the camera too and the visibility of the lens in the rangefinder is minimal (close focus with the hood). I questioned the expense as I had a 35mm Summicron (1st ASPH version) already but it never got sharp to the far corners and the focus shift and field curvature left me knowing I was not getting the most out of the sensor (and I was using an M8 before so I missed the near 50mm equivalent viewing angle). I have not regretted the purchase.
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