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  1. my thumb quite often barely touches the lcd screen and moves the magnification point to the top right, it's very annoying.
  2. M11 + Noctilux 1.2 AA (reissue) at f1.2 and a bunch of luck
  3. Leica does not have any communication between the lens and the body so they rely only on optical sensors to try to figure out the aperture value, that's why it's sometimes off. In my experience it's pretty much hit or miss and I don't care for that exif data since I can't rely on it.
  4. Interesting theory, however I just tried it and with live view off and showing a picture, it flashes consistently on display power save interval. Uhm, so I did a few other tests and it seems like the only conditions in which the camera will sleep are that the screen has to be on (doesn't matter if it's a still or LV) and display power saving mode has to be off. In any other condition than that it'll just stay on forever which is a total bummer.
  5. I did a factory reset of the camera settings but after trying out different options I managed to find a solution. If the display power saving mode is less than the camera power saving mode, it'll flash when the screen is supposed to sleep and the camera will stay awake. Seems like a software bug. Does anyone know how to report those? IMG_5632.mp4
  6. Yes it has been like this since day one and I've had the camera since March, and no I haven't tried resetting it, that's what I'll try next.
  7. Hey fellow Leica fans, Like my title says, my M11 doesn't sleep no matter what power saving option I pick. I've noticed the hard way a few times where the screen was still displaying the last taken image (this with the preview mode set to shutter press). I saw another thread about power consumption, but this is not the same issue since the other thread the power saving mode was off. I'm pretty certain this is a software issue, does anyone else have any kinds of issues like this? Simon
  8. same here, no issues shooting in -15 degrees Celsius apart from the battery draining almost twice as fast. the only real problem is it's very easy to have your mittens cover the focus window, but that's not really a M11 issue
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