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  1. Hi, I am planning a return visit to the fantastic annual jazz festival held on the lake shore in Ascona Switzerland in 2022. https://www.jazzascona.ch On previous visits using the discrete DLux 109 I obtain excellent 4K video and good sound recording using the camera's internal stereo microphone.(very short segment attached) As you will be aware, my camera does not have a separate audio/microphone recording input, so to improve the audio recording, I am considering buying a Zoom H2n handy recorder to record an additional high quality audio copy of each band playing, then i
  2. Hi, Used to own a Digilux 2 - regret selling it 4 years ago. Had problems sourcing 2Gb SD cards even then ! In view of better availability of 2GB Micro SD cards and the scarcity and extreme cost of available 2GB SD cards, has anyone tried a 2GB Micro SD card in a SD card caddy as a possible alternative ? All the best, David
  3. Hi, To WDA and Wizard. Wizard has rightly explained this is a self-made on/off-switch locking device. It was designed specifically to stop the accidental turning on the Dlux 109 when in a camera case in my rucksack.. On walking holidays If the lever to start the camera was accidentally 'cauught' or accuated the camera tried to extend the lens and met resistance from the case . Result in possible costly burn out of camera electronics and a useless camera for the owner. This happened to me in the Swiss Alps on top of Mount Mittallalin in Zermatt in the middl
  4. Hi, May I draw your attention to a previous post I made regarding my D-Lux 109 which may be of use to new D-Lux 7 owners to protect their new cameras. D-LUX 109 - 'Dead' ? camera By DavidE, July 19, 2018 in Leica D-Lux / Digilux / V-Lux / C-Lux In the past two years using my D-Lux 109 in daily use on holiday in the Cumbrian Fells and the Swiss alps this extremely 'expensive' add - on has worked well and spares can be carried at no additional cost !. The gizmo is a triffle fiddly but efficient. Enjoy your camera ! Regards, David
  5. Will these help ? :- https://repairnotes.wordpress.com/category/camera-repair/ The following company seem to specialise in replacement screens but may be able to repair D2 themselves, or know of others who could repair your D2 https://uk.electronic.partners/camera-repair/leica-digilux-2-screen-repair-silloth-cumbria/ Good luck ! Regards, David
  6. Hi James, Great news ! All is well.. All the best, David
  7. Hi Amy, Regards for once from a hot and sunny England ! On a long weekend in London I used the paper clip safety . Worked a treat. When I visited the snow slopes on Mittallalin near Saas Fee, earlier in July I would have loved to ski or even walk across the lovely snow on crampons Seeing the snow on the slopes was the only time I felt I would rather be 27 than my 72 years - Happy memories and happy days. Have fun and good luck with the camera and skiing, Regards, David
  8. Hi, Sorry to hear you are having problems. Could it be a faulty battery and/or dirty contacts ? Good luck with the camera. Regards, David
  9. Hi Owned a D-Lux 109 for 3 years - the best camera I have ever had. Recently on holiday in Swiss Alps took camera out of Manfrotto soft camera belt pouch to find camera dead. Noticed that the on/off switch was in the 'on' position. Camera tried to work but then gave up. Assumed camera had inadvertently been caught and switched on in the case, with the lens trying to open but failing. Had visions of no camera for the holiday, and a costly repair. Took out battery and after 5 minutes replaced with fully charged backup battery. Camera eventually operated the lense, and funct
  10. Hi, I haven't tried this myself but suggest you look at this supplied for the Panasonic LX100. Use the Panasonic AC adapter, DMW-AC10, along with the corresponding DC Coupler, DMW-DCC15A, to power the camera by placing the DC Coupler in the battery compartment and running its cord through the small flap in the battery compartment door. Good luck, David
  11. Hi, Recently purchased Leica DLUX 109 - attached are some test shots ! Regards, David
  12. Hi, Just found 2012 photo of Lake Windermere,Cumbria. 2nd photo experiment with B& W Regards David
  13. Hi Peter, Cannot help with the quality output from digital projectors but this may be of help:- MASSIVE CLEARANCE SALE - Epson Regards David
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