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  1. Same thing happened to me... not a big deal. Get the spare part from your Leica dealer and glue it on! Mine looks as new and I keep some spares...
  2. To me, the M10P excels in being the best available combination of portability, compactness and IQ. This makes it - to me - the ideal always-with-me camera. Small lenses, brillant quality and way less obtrusive than my Sony A9, which I only use for sports... The M10 is able to work pretty well in low light, light enough to be carried all day and sexy enough that I WANT to carry and USE it all day. Hardly anybody feels molested when I take pictures with the M10. Would not want to be without it!
  3. The W.haven stands for Wilhelmshaven, the base of the German Kriegsmarine... There is an article on the web by Dott. Luigi Cane from vidom 103 06/2012 which states these cameras as very rare...
  4. Had my M-P240 on Safari at Sabi Sands, S.A. recently. There were no technical issues at all. The Leica worked as it should and performed perfectly. It is a very robust camera, not scared by bumpy roads. And the brassing it gained made me happy! I used the Leica as a wide angle supplement as I was shooting most of the animals with my A9 and a long lens. But very often the animals suddenly appear next to the car, and then the long tele did not work well. So the M was always ready, hanging over my shoulder on the Artisan & Artist Easy Slider strap and could catch the prey. Especially eleph
  5. Just noticed that the M-P240 vanished from the Leica website (at least from the German version)... My hopes are rising that the M10-P is finally on its way! Smaller, nicer sensor than my M-P240 and will brass! What is there not to like!
  6. "If you don't cannibalize yourself, someone else will," Steve Jobs
  7. I am using the SL with the two zoom lenses as well as with M lenses, having sold my Sony A7Rii gear in exchange. Sometimes also with the great Nikon 105mm manual focus. While I absolutely love the IQ of the camera and the handling of the body is second to none in my opinion, I see also major let downs in my SL after using the camera for two years now. The first thing which really annoys me is the severe weakness of the continuous AF. In my view, it is more or less useless. I often take pictures of horses (and their riders) in dim light, and the only thing which really works for me is zone foc
  8. Upgrade worked for me: upgraded camera to 3.0. Switched off camera. Removed lens but left card with update in slot 1. Switched camera on again without lens. Then attached lens again. Camera detected lens and asked for upgrade of lens FW. Worked like a treat.
  9. 31st of May... need... to... download... new... firmware...! Please, Leica! ;-)
  10. Muss halt jeder für sich rausfinden. Aber auch das macht ja Spaß!
  11. Habe meine Sony A7RII mit dem G-Master 28-70 nach einem Jahr gegen die SL in Zahlung gegeben... nicht eine einzige Sekunde lang bereut! Gründe an anderer Stelle im Forum bereits beschrieben. So, wie die Sony sich in der Realität viel schlechter als in den ganzen jubelnden Reviews anfühlte (für mich), so geht die SL in der Realität viel besser, als ich nach den vielen lauwarmen Reviews erwartet hatte. BQ ist bei beiden toll. Aber der Weg dahin... SL rules!
  12. My other "main-"camera is an SL (601) - which is used a lot!!! The rest is rather a small collection of my early camera wet dreams: A Nikon F3, an Alpa 10d, a Minolta 7000 AF (I never forget my first try of its autofocus!), a little Minox spy camera. Still longing for a Contax RTSiii, a Hasselblad 500 and other beauties. Oh, and I am saving for an a-la-carte Leica MP in black chrome, to be able to use my Leica glass on film again. Shouldn't have sold my M7 to buy M-P240! What I don't miss: Alpha 7Rii, sold for SL. Fuji X-Pro1, given to a friend. Canon 7D, gathering dust, waiting to be
  13. Hi! Sent this earlier in another thread, but still think what I've written: A year ago, I had rented an A7RII and the SL for a weekend. After that, I had bought the Sony - for being smaller and cheaper - and used it intensely with the Zeiss 55/1.8 and my M-lenses, later with the G-master zoom. After that year, I sold all my Sony gear to buy the SL. Never looked back! Reasons: A7RII: - Yes: its smaller and lighter, but feels like a piece of plastic next to my M. - Sony ergonomics: not good for my hands. Hard to reach all those little buttons, especially movie button is hard to re
  14. I think there were only a total of 500 M240s "100 Jahre Leica Fotografie" in black and silver as well as a set of an MA and a Monochrome (plus limited Series of the S and tje D-Lux), but no M-P 240s.
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