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  1. OK, reporting back here for the historic so to be able to isolate the issue in case others have the same problem. It would be nice to derive the root cause. I’m running an old FW ( Yeah, I know I should update the FW. I’ll do that later. I have a Lexar 256 GB SD card with 162GB free. I replaced this with some old 4 GB maxell SD card and the issue went away (as expected). Interestingly after putting back the original Lexar 256 GB SD card, the issue has now gone away. It will probably come back with time. I’ll report back here with an update. If the issue returns, my next test will be to remove the SD card, power cycle the camera, and reinsert the original SD card. I’m doing this step by step to observe workarounds for anyone else who may witness the same issue when on holiday like me (i.e. only one SD card while on holiday).
  2. This is also my hunch. I will test with another SD card before formatting. Interesting, the issue doesn’t happen in Live View (where presumably the processor would be working harder).
  3. Hi, I’ve had my M10 almost since it originally released to market, and had no issues until my recent vacation this summer. I haven’t tested enough to find a common reason for the problem I’m about to explain. However, typically this is the problem. When I power on the camera and press the shutter release button, the camera does nothing for a few seconds and then the shutter opens/closes. After this initial problem of waiting for the shutter to open/close, all additional attempts to take a photo work as usual (i.e. the shutter opens/closes after immediately pressing the shutter release button). I’ve changed nothing in the camera settings. The memory card has a large capacity, and has a lot of image files on it. I’m wondering if this is making the camera ‘think’ before taking the first photo after powering up. Has anyone had similar issues? I’m reaching out here before formatting the memory card, resetting to factory defaults, etc…. With Well Wishes, Rob
  4. The push button pulls the rear tab up. I’ve used this flash on my M9P in the past with no issues.
  5. My M10 flew out of my backpack and fell 10m while running along a straight on a mountain m, and thanks to the leather case it came out unscathed in the incident. There's Krystal a small dink in the baseplate, and the camera is working impeccably. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The M10 probably is a game changer. Mine arrived today, and I've only used it a little bit. Sure it has the high ISO support, etc., but at the moment (early days of course) for me, I still prefer the M9 and MM.
  7. Ordered a black M10 with FotoDotti in Italy a couple of days after it was officially announced. It arrived with them on Monday, paid today, and should receive by the end of the week.
  8. Yeah, they sent a summary of the work that was done (along with boxes, which are apparently collectables according to my local camera shop). The work included the usual CLA stuff like RF adjustment, etc. , but the change of sensor point was ambiguous (i.e. it did not specify if it was a new generation sensor). I can email them and ask if you want.
  9. I sent my M9-P and MM for replacement sensors in February, which came back to me a few weeks ago. For what it's worth, I believe they have the new sensors, but obviously cannot confirm. Anyway, here's what I have: M9-P: CCD ID: 15 CCD Board ID: 2 Control Brd ID: 2 M16C ID: 0 MM: CCD ID: 53 CCD Board ID: 52 Control Brd ID: 52 M16C ID: 0
  10. I feel a little lucky (potentially). Both my M9-P and MM (which I purchased second hand) had the corrosion issue. I eventually got around to sending them in for the sensor replacement in late February and got them back a few weeks ago. Not sure if the sensor was replaced with a newer one, but I was think so (wishful thinking). Is there any way of knowing from the EXIF data if the sensor is the newer type ? I have an M10 on pre-order. But in light if this reversal of approach on the CCD corroded sesnor, I may well be cancelling my pre-order.
  11. Yeah, probably transit dust. I was initially worried by the big curly mark (which luckily turned out to be dust). Untitled by Robert Wisbey, on Flickr
  12. Thanks everyone. It seems dust is the cause (thankfully). I gave the sensor a quick blow, and the big mark has gone (no plane this time). L1000122 by Robert Wisbey, on Flickr
  13. I sent my M9-P and MM to Leica back in February for changing the corroded sensor. They both came back the other day. Just shot a bit with the M9-P, and it seems the new sensor has marks on the images. What do you think of the following image ? Are the marks due to a faulty sensor, or just oil on the sensor (because they Leica didn't properly clean it before dispatch). Leica M9-P changed sensor - marks by Robert Wisbey, on Flickr
  14. Hi, Here's what my Italian supplier says (I ordered a day or two after the announcement) : sorry for the delay. About the M10 is a real disaster, since the camera was introduce us and all of our colleagues we only got the demo unit we can not sell. Leica continues to postpone deliveries for too much demand. We have dozens of customers who have booked and would like to receive it soon. All I know is that you should treat a worldwide problem. The latest update by Leica is that the cameras should arrive between mid-March and late April. More I do not know .... I'm so sorry Time will tell. I'm in no rush anyway. I'll have to put some batteries in my M4-P (that's an intended joke) because my M9-P and MM are off for a sensor change.
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