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  1. I always wanted a copy of James Ravilious' book "An English eye". I recently bought one albeit a reprint. Very inspirational and shot on old Leicas and uncoated optics.
  2. I shoot film because I never left it. I never bought into the digi bandwagon and the planned obsolescence school of marketing. I am delighted to see that digital users see a need to try film as an alternative and a credible one at that ! Many never go back and get heavily into the alchemy of developing and testing. Long may the film resurgence continue !
  3. Thanks Bill. I have seen you on RFF I think. Or was it APUG ?
  4. I could not find how to delete the thread. # embarassing !
  5. Thanks for looking Stuny. I joined via tapatalk, but looks like I need to fire up the pc to post pics. I will bear it in mind for future postings.
  6. Leica M6 and 50mm Summicron with Ilford Delta 400.
  7. Thanks Paul. Here is one posted by Tapatalk instead of flickr. Hope it looks better.
  8. I'm really not sure what happened. I did not post it on an angle. Some wierdness from flickr. Thanks anyway.
  9. Thanks Paul. Pleased to join the forum and do my bit to promote film.
  10. Leica M6 with Elmarit 28mm on Ilford Delta 400 developed in HC-110.
  11. Temple Church on Bodmin Moor. Leica M6 and 28mm Elmarit with Ilford Delta 400 developed in HC-110 dilution H.
  12. Lovely shot. Very good composition.
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