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About Me

I became interested in photography over 40 years ago having bought my first 35mm camera, an Halina Paulette Electric. I certainly 'got the bug' and experimented in home processing of black and white film and then became a big fan of reversal slide film. I still have hundreds of slides and a working projector.

Eventually the 'digital age' took hold, my first camera being a Kodak 1 megapixel camera, yes one megapixel, before moving on to several Nikons with a number of different lenses. I always wanted a Leica camera; Leica introduced the 35mm film format to the world in the early 30's, and after initially buying a compact version made in collaboration with Panasonic, I then 'bit the bullet' and invested in a used digital Leica M9 plus 50mm, 28mm and 90mm lenses. The image quality of Leica glass in my view is unsurpassed, and though it did take a while getting used to using a rangefinder camera again, the user experience and end results justified the expense. The M9 was shortly followed by the purchase of a 'classic' Leica film camera, M4-P, and since then I've added five other 'classic' film cameras in order to create a small collection from the iconic manufacturers of the time; Olympus OM2n, Minolta SRT101b, Nikon FE, Canon A1 and a Pentax Spotmatic F.

Towards the end of 2016 I was finding carrying the camera and all the various lenses around with me a bit of a pain, particularly on holiday. I was also finding that a majority of my photographs were of landscapes or more general shots, and that mostly these were taken using my 28mm lens. I therefore traded in my M9 and some lenses and purchased the then brand new Leica Q. This was truly a magical camera, being 'full-frame' digital with a fixed 28mm fast 1.7 high quality lens. It has all of the modern functions plus the famed simplicity and quality of Leica.

Whilst I loved the 'Q' and though the 28mm lens was great for many situations, I was missing the flexibility of other focal lengths. Therefore in May 2018, following the launch of the new Leica CL, I decided to trade in the 'Q'.  The CL although not full-frame has fantastic image quality, is more compact which suits my needs, and has the benefit of interchangeable lenses.  

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