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  1. Hi, "I bit the bullet" and bought the Pro 16-35 and are pleased with it. I took the attached images a couple of weeks ago which was my first trip out with the lens. I particularly wanted to try shots into the sun to see how it coped and I think it's pretty good. The lens is well made and much more lightweight than the 24-90 and I like the focal range. There's no switches for IS I assume the SL2 body deals with this. The Leica 24-90 is a great lens for most situations, but for super-wide shots at a third of the price of the Leica equivalent, I'm happy with the Panasonic.
  2. Thanks Ivar that's good to hear. As much as would like to stick with Leica lenses, for the about of use I might get the pricing of the Panasonic in comparison is easier - isa on the pocket. I was also considering the Sigma 12-24, but I think 16-35 will be a more versatile focal range and will compliment the 24-90.
  3. Hi, is anyone using this lens on their SL2 and if so could you provide some feedback. I'm looking for a wide but flexible focal range lens that isn't going to break the bank and this seems to have good reviews. Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone, all sorted now. One of the bayonet flanges on the mount was slightly twisted; a careful tweak with some pliers has solved the problem.
  5. Hi thanks. I tried this and f4 but makes no difference; it's hard to see what could be stopping it
  6. I've just acquired a Leica R Series Macro Extension Tube (type 14262 I believe), for the Elmar-R 100mm Macro. Whilst the adapter fits on the lens perfectly I can't get it to lock onto the body, it will only turn a small amount before it stops. Is this a fault or is there something I'm not doing correctly? All the obvious indicators align, white dots,100mm engravings, but you will see from the attached photo's how different the position on the body is compared to the 50mm standard lens. Help please.
  7. Will the Leica R Series Macro Extension Tube for Elmarit-R 60mm work with the Macro-Elmar-R 100mm F4 and produce a 1:1 ratio? Using with an SL2
  8. I'm looking to 'play around' with some macro photography. Nothing serious at this stage so don't want to spend much. I have a Novoflex R-SL adaptor which I use with a 50mm Summicron R I have and it works fine. Has anyone any thoughts on both the Elmarit-R f2.8 60mm and the Elmar-R f4 100mm, both of which seem to be reasonably priced on eBay. Any pitfalls to look out for and most importantly, will that work with the SL using manual and Focus Peaking? Many thanks
  9. Hi again, thanks for the info’, very interesting 👍🏻
  10. Thanks again. So just to clarify your comment "you'd need to set to a known length on the zoom"; Would I therefore need a number of profiles e.g 70mm, 100mm, 150mm, 210mm which I then would need to select before shooting at that focal length? This would be a bit of a pain, and what happens if I zoom to 120mm? Or if I set the maximum focal length i,e 200mm or 210mm for the lens and that would apply through the range, that doesn't make sense I don't think.
  11. Thanks. I can see how the profile works with primes but can't get my head around how you set it for a zoom as the focal length is variable. I have a 50mm Summicron so that's straight forward and I've been looking at both 180mm primes which I can get for around £500 or 70-210/80-200 zooms which I can get for less than £200. As these focal lengths are for occasional use I. want to minimise the spend but of course want good IQ. I'm guessing the prime will perform better than the zoom and would make life easier for setting the user profile.
  12. Hi Scott thanks for posting these, they look very good. What's your thoughts on R Zooms (80-200 or 70-210), how would setting the lens profile work, and to benefit from IBIS do you have to set a focal length if not using ROM adapter? Thanks
  13. Thanks Rob, I don't mind the focus peaking too much but I can see how it can be distracting. Interesting to know that focussing at the selected aperture is not a major issue. Thanks
  14. Thanks very much for the info' Scott. Currently I only have the one R lens, the 50mm Summicron which might be interesting for some street photography. I'm favouring a prime and the 180 focal length seems more useful than a 250 or 280mm. Which version 180 do you have; looking at Overgard's list (https://www.overgaard.dk/leica_lens_compendium.html) there are 8 variants from 1968 - 2009; are the APO's that much better? Many thanks
  15. Hi, I'm an SL2 newbie, got the camera yesterday with the VE 24-90 (a bit of a beast). I'm looking to get a tele lens but as it's for occasional use only I don't want to spend a lot of dosh in case I end up not using it much. I've been looking at R lenses both fixed focal length e.g 180mm and the 70/80-200mm zooms and wondered if anyone one here has experience and could offer suggestions/reccomendations. Whilst there appears to be some benefit in looking for ROM versions which pass focal length and some EXIF data, these require the Leica Adapter to gain those benefits and at £650 for the ad
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