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  1. I have all the others for my SL and I have been so impressed by each one. They’re all excellent values and very competent performers. It is interesting how this i-Series is developing into two distinct lines though, but even if you own them all, they make a complementary set (though having two 24mm options is a little odd. I do wish they had at least one 28mm.
  2. Sorry to link to a rumors site but they have imagery up of both of these upcoming lenses and I have to say they’re really appealing. Sigma is just absolutely crushing it with this i-Series line. https://photorumors.com/2021/09/07/first-leaked-pictures-of-the-upcoming-sigma-24mm-f-2-and-90mm-f-2-8-dg-dn-contemporary-lenses/
  3. After selling off my M glass to fund other ventures (I’ve been more focused on my Hasselblad lately and I expanded my lens lineup in that arena to further that work) I decided to revisit Voigtlander’s more recent offerings and I have to say, I am super impressed with how far they’ve come when it comes to construction and build quality. The 50mm Nokton II and 28mm Ultron II are both rock-solid and a fantastic physical size on my M-A. Well balanced and easy to focus. For how inexpensive these are (in Leica terms), I am very very happy with them and they make a great partner for my M-A. To
  4. I’ve since sold my M10 and my Leica glass to fund other ventures, as I’ve never really been very happy with any digital M thus-far (and with today’s used prices on glass in particular I can’t afford to buy back in anyways) so I’m using a couple Voigtlander options on my M-A to cover my rangefinder needs. Perfectly happy with that setup, especially as I prefer a film M to a digital one, and those new Voigtlanders are both performant and affordable. The SL is something I got into this year after a seemingly endless turnover of trying to figure out a digital system I didn’t hate. I’m enjoyi
  5. Well in my experience, it’s the exact opposite, and I’ve even gone so far to have given up all of my Leica glass in favor of Voigtlander options. What exactly are you trying to illustrate here with these photos?
  6. I am totally happy with the 28mm V2. I have tried the 28mm V1 but I never particularly cared for it. as Oldwino mentioned above, it definitely had focus shift issues, and to be blunt I just didn’t like the rendering or the build/handling of the lens. The V2 is more of a spiritual successor to the older 28mm f/1.9 Ultron (the LTM version) which personally I was a great fan of years back. This new V2 is built beautifully and focuses smoothly. I’m still in the early days of getting to know it but I am absolutely pleased with it for the price.
  7. That was always the expectation I was lead to believe, but of the 28 Leica lenses I've owned, almost half of them have had some form of construction issues, which results in them physically coming apart (you can imagine how distressing it is when the front half of your lens is suddenly no longer attached to the camera). I've just been exceedingly unlucky with buying second hand lenses apparently. The ones I have had the best luck with have actually been the older models, like the 50mm Summicron DR and the 21mm Super Angulon. They were just built better. Don Goldberg has always done a won
  8. That was going to be my plan. He’s always been my go to, and as I’ve alluded to, I have required his services a lot over the years lol.
  9. It has troubled me as well. Perhaps I’ve just been unlucky but my Leica lenses have been far less reliable than cheaper options such as Zeiss or Voigtlander. I use my gear extensively and I’m not afraid of things getting scuffed or dinged, but I do take care of my equipment as well. Things are cleaned properly and stored safely when not in active rotation. Despite that I have had several Leica lenses literally come to pieces in use which has ultimately cost me a ton of extra money in the long run due to repairs. My worst examples were my 28 Elmarit and 28 Summicron both of which had the entir
  10. That’s what I was wondering to be honest, if the timelines have gotten incredibly long due to Covid. I can be patient but at the same time I’d like to not be without my lens for a year as well ;)
  11. I do know exactly what you mean. I have had nothing but poor experiences with repairing gear with them. Always involving multiple trips to get things right. They are my absolute last option.
  12. Hey everyone, I haven't been around forums much in the past year+ as I needed something of a break from the internet (as much as I could muster). Anyways, I've still been plugging away with my M-A over the years and though I've rotated lenses a lot, I sold off most of my stuff last year and presently I'm just using my 35mm Summilux FLE. It's pretty well used at this point but I have noticed that everything feels "loose" and "wobbly" now on the body of the lens (in addition to the well-documented sloppy aperture ring and rattling noises within the lens). It still keeps on working but I feel tha
  13. I'm a recent L mount adopter after several years focused on the M mount. I'm still shooting an M but I've whittled my setup down to just my M-A and preferred 35mm lens. The SL (the original) is a totally different experience for me but despite the age I'm really impressed with the image quality. As you noted in your original post, the native L mount lenses that Leica currently offers are... enormous (when coming from the M world). I have not yet been able to try the Leica options but they're obviously fantastic performers. What I have been using however is the Sigma I series option
  14. Yep I’ve had both of those as well (I told you, I’ve been a mess). On film I saw very little difference between the two, on digital I saw very little difference between the two but I also was shooting on a 24mp sensor which doesn’t push it that hard (my preference). It supposedly on the 40+ Mp sensors the V1 asph is showing its limitations. If that matters
  15. I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately myself as I only have my M-A at the moment. I've ventured back and forth between way too many digital systems this year and frankly I've just made a mess of things. I'm trying to recalibrate a bit for 2021. As such I've been really thinking about the glass I want to use on my M-A. I have swapped quite a few times in recent years but I did spend a full year with just the 35mm Summilux FLE and though it wasn't "perfect" I really liked the work I put out in that year. Some past favorites that worked beautifully on film but less-than-satis
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