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  1. You and I are at a similar place with our M8's and I agree absolutely with you.
  2. Thanks for your comments. I think the monitor makes a difference, on my calibrated monitor in TIFF, it is less garish, (greens/browns rather than greens/orange) the exported files have lost some subtlety. I think this is definitely one to print out! I pushed the presence and clarity because there was a bit of mist around which especially affected the central mountain and the whole central background of the image. I was also trying to develop the granularity in the clouds. Partly however, it was just one of those days, the clouds were directly ahead coming at me at 90 degrees to the river, Further to the right and the left, we had skies clearing to blue. One thing I love about England is it is so green, the water meadows were a beautiful lush green which faded as you go higher.
  3. nCognito


    Lovely picture, a tiny bit overblown in the centre for me but a great silhouette.
  4. I'm definitely a tripod man, I have a lightweight full height CF that folds up small enough to put in my camera bag but my favourite is a heavy German aluminium job I bought for astronomy. I use a Manfrotto Junior geared head with it. With my M8 I always shoot at ISO 160 but even with my Canon, which will shoot high ISO, I will leave lenses, gear and even my sandwiches and thermos behind so I can carry my ali tripod.
  5. Thank you for your comments. I was very lucky with the weather and I stood at the same spot for 2.5 hours through sunrise. It was definitely worth the time spent.
  6. Thanks for your comment, I think the first picture is probably the best photo I have ever taken, though I hope to do better in the future as I get used to the camera. It is certainly the most satisfying.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to view and comment. I arrived at this site an hour before sunrise and for some reason, perhaps the mountains, sunrise in the Lakes always seems to be late. Anyway, I had heard about this mystical 'blue' hour before the sunrise golden hour and on this day I really experienced it. I have never before seen colour like it, perhaps because I don't get up early enough.. The last photo is at sunrise, and you can see the sky and colour have changed. I think I stood at that same spot for 90 minutes and it was magical.
  8. Thanks for your comments. Well, it is what it is and what it was planned to be, the foreground stone is deliberately out of focus, the focus of the composition is the rear stone and background. Next visit, I will try with the foreground stone in focus..
  9. Thank you all for your comments, I appreciate you taking the time to make them. The M8 is certainly a very special camera and I am so very glad I bought it. I am certainly not unhappy with the b&w results but I can and did get similar with my Canon. There are two photos below with links to full size, the b&w is good, it has picked up a certain mistiness and I am happy with it. However, to my eye the colour is special, I just cannot get similar results with my Canon. Both images have been adjusted for presence and noise. I do shoot DNG and I do like the b&w but it is the colour that I think makes this a special camera. http://imagemonk.net/wp-content/gallery/leica-lake-district-2014/L1010316-2.jpg http://imagemonk.net/wp-content/gallery/leica-lake-district-2014/L1010316-3.jpg
  10. nCognito

    English Lake District

    English Lake District - all taken with a Leica M8 and Voigtlander lens during the last week of November 2014
  11. Sure, I have 3 lenses and three filters, getting one to fit into the Voigtlander 4.5/15 was entertaining but all done and its taking beautiful pictures.
  12. Hi, I bought a used Leica M8 in mid-November from ffordes in Scotland, so having introduced myself in another thread, I wanted to say hello here. I have had a long road to Leica, firstly as a Pentaxer, then an Olympian through being a Nikonista and a Canoneer to finally becoming a Leicator. My father taught me photography with a Spotmatic he bought in Japan in 1971, then I completed an O'level in Photography using an OM1, that gave me the basics of composition, developing and dof. My interest waned then for 20 years until I came back through Astronomy with a Nikon D70, a few dedicated astro cameras followed along with a Canon 600D modified for astro and finally a 'normal' 600D. My interests have always been landscape photography and I bought a mirrorless EOS M to reduce weight while still letting me use the glass I already had. Now I have to admit that the EOS M has the most useless autofocus but it is great for landscape shots. Through all my digital adventures there was always something missing, I could never quite get the picture right, in the same way I had managed when a schoolboy with film. So moving on, I saved until I could buy a used M9 but realised I couldn't afford any lenses, so I got the M8, 4723 actuations, and three Voigtlander lenses, 1.4/40, 4/25 and 4.5/15. The whole lot cost me £1,420. I went to London at night and took my first picture, from Westminster bridge towards Hungerford Bridge and I felt absolutely sick! In the LCD there was a lot of flare and the colours seemed too much, I thought I had made a big mistake and I should have bought the 6D I had been planning on to make the move to full frame. Anyway, I carried on walking towards Trafalgar Square and then home. It was when I looked at the snaps on a computer that I realised I was wrong, the pictures were not bad, just different and in a way that took me to exactly what I wanted. As an astrophotographer, I understand the difference between CCD and CMOS, all my astro cameras are CCD and I think its this that has made the difference. I am also a big fan of the Kodak chips but that's probably a discussion for a different forum. At the end of November, I took my EOS M and the M8 to the Lake District for four days of photography. I took 800 shots with my EOS and 60 with the Leica, I ended up keeping 40 from each batch. That told me a lot, initially I had been reluctant to go with Leica only but now I have every confidence in it. There are some things the M8 is bad at, I would still use the EOS M for low light long exposure and I seem to prefer the Leica colour images over b&w. So in conclusion, to me the M8 is special, there is something about it that works to take the sort of photo I want. Processing is a breeze, normally I shoot on aperture priority and the only changes I have to make are to presence in Lightroom, clarity, saturation and intensity. With the EOS M I spend ages messing around with the sliders to get what I want. It has also rekindled my interest in film, I have just bought a Mamiya C330 TLR and I still have the Spotmatic and OM1 to use. If, like me you want a Leica digital and your budget, with lenses, will only go to a M8, go ahead and buy it. Yes there are risks, you may end up with a £850 brick on your desk but it will almost certainly work fine. I got a 6 month guarantee with mine, which other 7 year old digital camera could you get with any warranty? My only other expenses was two second hand Leica IR filters and a new B&W one for a total of £100. I have put up pictures from London and the Lake District in the landscape forum, so I won't cross post.
  13. That is a very nice picture, makes me want to wander away from central London and explore the Thames a little more. well done!
  14. Leica M8 and Voigtlander lenses. Sorry if this is the wrong section, didn't seem like Street photography to me..! http://imagemonk.net/wp-content/gallery/leica-london-november-2014/L1010052.jpg http://imagemonk.net/wp-content/gallery/leica-london-november-2014/L1010078.jpg http://imagemonk.net/wp-content/gallery/leica-london-november-2014/L1010095.jpg http://imagemonk.net/wp-content/gallery/leica-london-november-2014/L1010099.jpg
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