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  1. Try formatting the card in the camera. Never delete anything from the card on a computer, always delete/format the card in the camera. Copy images onto the computer, don't move them. I had nightmare problems with my M240 hanging when I used sdformatter etc, culminating in a shoot where it hung every 3 or 4 pictures. Since I started doing this it has hung maybe twice in 6 years.
  2. "Touch - Release" autofocus should not do the "Release" when in video mode.
  3. SanDisk Extreme Pro Grrrrr. I never seem to get the quoting to work...
  4. The functionality of the Q2 is fine, but the interface is horrible compared to the Q. Put the video button back on top of the camera instead of the ridiculous photo & video "modes" in the menus. I often switch quickly between photo & video. With the Q this was easy, just move the finger and press a different button. With the Q2 its a pain as I have to change menu options - with my eyesight this requires fumbling around with glasses.
  5. The original post doesn't actually say he's shooting dng
  6. Sorry to be pendantic, when you say "46mp to 25mp", do you mean megapixels or megabytes? ie, the size of the file or the dimensions of the image. A Q2 raw file is more like 85 MB. If you do mean megapixels, have you been shooting in 35mm crop mode?
  7. For years I had a dioptre which was too strong, by going with the idea of adding 0.5 to the strength of my glasses. I always struggled a bit with focusing, but I assumed that was what it was. When my prescription changed recently (I now have 2 pairs, one for reading and a weaker pair for using a computer) it occurred to me that the focus patch is supposed to be about 2 metres away (I can't remember where I read this) so maybe my dioptre should match my computer glasses. I went into the Leica shop and tried a few - and ended up with a +1.0 (even though my computer glasses are 1.5) and it has r
  8. I upgraded from Q to Q2 last summer, I was bored in the lockdown... The Q2 does have greater functionality, but I find the interface horrible compared to the Q. If I had known, I would have stuck with the Q
  9. I've been in contact with the gnomes of Wetzlar on this, they got back to me but it didn't make it into the last firmware. "Touch/Release" focusing has been implemented so that it can't be used when shooting video - the "release" means that, if you touch the screen while shooting video in order to move the focus point, it stops recording! These means that, if you switch between photos & videos a lot (which I do), you keep having to do a deep dive into the menus to change the focus options. It is bad enough that the Q2 has had the video button removed from the Q, but this makes it an a
  10. Yes. Completely different. Not quick, instant, with one hand. Fiddly, and slow. Try doing it with the camera held about your head in a crowd, or repeatedly when working with performers on a stage. So now I'm supposed to wear special glasses because Leica removed a simple to use button? Not practical solutions. The practical solution was a video button which so many people whined about because, apparently, having a button on a camera which they don't use is sooooo offensive to their sensibilities.
  11. I've mentioned it elsewhere, for me the worst aspect of the Q2 is the lack of a video button. I shoot a mixture of video & stills, often (eg at concerts) switching between the two very quickly while holding the camera at arms length, and I never once in 5 years with the Q shot the wrong thing. Now I have to keep diving into the menu to change the mode, it isn't obvious what mode it is in (I am very long sighted so the screen is a bit of a blur) and I have repeatedly been in the wrong mode. I upgraded from the Q to the Q2 mail order during the lockdown, I would never have done it if I had r
  12. What's the problem with video mode? If you don't want it, don't use it. I have never in 7 years accidentally shot video instead of taking a photo. I am sticking with my 240 because of the video. I don't use it that often, but when I do I need it. I've even had it written into my insurance policy that it will be replaced by another 240 rather than a new-for-old . I had a Q, I used it for video a lot. I didn't notice that the Q2 had no video button until I had bought it (I got it mail order during lock-down). It's a nightmare! Again, I had never accidentally shot video instead of takin
  13. There is no way of knowing. It resets every time there's a firmware upgrade, and you can reset it manually any time.
  14. I know I seem to be the only one who has a problem with the Touch/Release autofocus implementation! I spoke to the support guys in the shop a few months ago but it didn't get fixed - I have now put it in writing.
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