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  1. I have lenses that have had filters on since purchased new in 1971. They still look brand new under the filters. My Uncle taught me photography and said the oils in your skin are acid and may etch into the coating on lenses which are just a few molecules thick. These coatings are not made to withstand repeated cleaning.
  2. Ken Hansen was the best Leica dealer in NY and USA in my opinion. He died a few years ago but his son-in-law Vico took over the business. I would check him out at Ken's old email address: Ken Hansen<khpny19@aol.com>
  3. Thanks for all your replies. Ironically a cleaning service unplugged our sump pump to connect a vacuum cleaner and forgot to plug it back in. I checked the pump after Hurricane Henri a week ago and it was fine then. Also, inexpensive Nikon lens and camera boxes were dry.. The apo-90 was my most expensive lens.. My 35mm is not an FLE just your basic asph cron. I have all the other stuff: cases, caps, inspection cards and instructions in my home office on 1st floor. Also have the boxes for my M10 and MP there. Drying the boxes was out of the question. I wouldn't want to put them
  4. I had water in my basement due to Hurricane Ida and boxes/packaging for my apo-Summicron 90 f/2, Summicron 50 f/2 and others were ruined. Many ads for used Leica lenses say they have boxes. Is the value of these well-kept lenses diminished if you don't have them? My lenses were stored two stories above the basement in my dry bedroom. They were unaffected.
  5. It looks like this. The lower limit has passed the 1m mark as much it has passed infinity (see OP).
  6. OK posters, Thank you for all your opinions. I called Leica USA twice and after 3 days NO response. Very pathetic for a company that makes world class equipment and charges prices to match. Called Sherry Krauser who is close to me but she doesn't work on apo lenses. I saw fantastic reviews for Don Goldberg (DAG) (Wisconsin, USA) 608-835-3342 and spoke to him. Don used to work at Leica NJ and online you see reviews where he successfully repaired lenses Leica Germany was afraid to touch. He said it was OK to quote him. He said the focus ring for many apo telephoto lenses like my
  7. Sorry folks but this is still bothering me. I understand points made about longer lenses maybe having need for expansion and checking focus on the moon. That being said let me ask it this way. Does anyone have an apo- 90mm Summicron lens and if so does the end of the focusing range=infinity after the middle of the lazy eight sign??? Please post a photo of such a lens. For mine you can turn the focusing ring a few mm further. It seems like it needs an adjustment. No lens I ever owned ever went past infinity.
  8. Much obliged for your quick answer. I heard sending them out for service is a royal PITA.
  9. I noticed my 90mm APO Summicron lens scale passes infinity at the end. Is this reasonable or does lens need an adjustment. See photo below at f/2 I thought the "2" should line up with infinity (lazy eight). Your advice would be appreciated. Lens works fine.
  10. I love APO technology. The 90mm Summicron F/2 APO is the favorite lens in my kit. That being said the price for APO for the 50mm Summicron lens when it came out a few years ago gave me pause. Soon I read in Thorsten Von Overgaard's excellent website that my 50mm Summilux is an APO (Leica does not publicize this). This website says "The Leica 50 mm Summilux-M ASPH f/1.4 from Leica is an aspherical lens, and according to lens designer Peter Karbe it's even an APO lens." So the 50mm Summilux is a real bargain given that it is fast and even an APO lens. Coming back to 35mm APO len
  11. Lens 1= 90 apo -cron f2 ASPH always Lens 2 has a lot of ifs😀 If low light indoor film shots, then 50 lux f1.4 ASPH If indoor/outdoor film/digital shots, then 50 cron f2 If just street work, then 35 cron f2 ASPH My 3 cents worth...
  12. I just traded my M240 for a used M10 and love the camera. The M240 was great too!
  13. I just downloaded it without any issues so far. Thank you all for your helpful comments.
  14. Has anyone downloaded and if so any problems with this version so far?
  15. The late, great Ken Hansen's family took over the business. https://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2019/06/17/ken-hansens-business-still-open-for-leica-orders/ Claudia Hansen his daughter with the help of his son-in-law Vico Sanchez are operating the business Khpny19@aol.com , (201) 410-7464. I recently did business with Vico and am pleased to report that the transaction went as well as if I were dealing with Ken.
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