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  1. +1 here for the ZM 21/2.8. I’m surprised it hasn’t had more mentions in this thread. I’m very happy with its performance on my M9.
  2. I think you meant a 'Unicron'.
  3. When still digital photography was in its infancy, some referred to it as "still video". Having owned an XPro1 and X-Pro2, I have always felt that FujiFilm's X Series produces clean, bright images that perfectly live up to the term "still video".
  4. I think you will find they are manufactured in Portugal but finished in Germany.
  5. Three excellent answers, all correct. Thank you. adan: I had completely forgotten about the SET menu. antigallican: I was aware of potential problems with memory cards but the card I used was the slowest and smallest (in GB) that I currently own - I replace all my memory cards once a year, and it's a couple of years since I had anything smaller than 32GB. I will look for some 16GB cards, which are what I previously used in my M9. farnz: You're right, it was in Snapshot mode. Because I haven't used the camera for several years - I have been using the lenses on Sony mirrorless bod
  6. I recently collected my M9 body from Leica Mayfair, London, after sensor replacement. I was delighted to get it back, but on my first day shooting with it I encountered some problems. First, it froze when I took 3 single shots in quick succession. The red light flashed for 10+ minutes and an error message appeared - can't remember exactly what it said, but it referred to writing to memory. I left the camera alone, hoping it would eventually write to the memory card (newly formatted in-camera SanDisk Ultra 32GB SDHC I 40 MB/s Class 10). When I picked up the camera a few hours later the ligh
  7. Don't worry, your bargain price SL will be no less of a great camera if an SL2 is introduced.
  8. The even more unfortunate consequence is the inevitable cooing of the unthinking sycophants who will praise anything to the heavens, however flawed it might be, as long as it has a red dot. The two tend to balance each other out.
  9. I traded up from the Voigtländer 21mm f/4 to the Carl Zeiss ZM 21mm f2.8 Biogon. It is not a cheap lens, but it is beautifully made and the hood is exquisite - but costs extra. It is super sharp in the centre at all apertures, also at the edges from f/5.6 and is a joy to use. I tested on an M Typ 240 but use it mainly on my M9. My only criticism is that it performs less well on my Sony A7 II body. In fact my 21mm, 24mm and 28mm rangefinder lenses are all disappointing performers on the Sony. So I invested in the Sony/Carl Zeiss 16-35mm f/4 FE ZA which is a superlative lens, though obviousl
  10. I wonder if the disappointing 24 MP of the SL was carefully chosen to leave the 37.5 MP S as the uncontested flagship of the Leica Camera range? I mean you could hardly have a mirrorless camera with 36 MP (A7R) or 42 MP (A7R II) sensor when your top of the range DSLR has 'only' 37.5 MP, could you? I suppose I will now be attacked for suggesting that anyone "needs" more than 24 MP by the very same people who attacked me a few years ago when I suggested that there was a need for more pixels than the 6.1 MP Sony sensor that was fitted to so many DSLRs plus a digital rangefinder.
  11. Support independent Leica stores who have done so much to build the brand and enthuse the customer base rather than rely on glitzy stores that appeal only to the rich.
  12. If Erwin Puts' warnings about Leica are true, they are even more true of DSLR manufacturers. If there is no need for a Leica M rangefinder camera and lenses, there is even less need for bulky and heavy DSLR bodies with massively bulky and heavy lenses. I think there is still room in the photographic market for Leica M. People now start out in basic photography with a smartphone camera but it leaves many people wanting more - better optics, better sensors and more creative control. Some of those wanting more will find their way to Leica. As long as enough of them do, Leica will survive and
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