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  1. Such beautiful colors and composition!
  2. Perfect! Atomos is on the way and so is zoom h4n. Looking forward to doing some nice recording. I wish I had some TL lenses - maybe that's for the future. Any thoughts on which gimbal to use? - I saw options for crane and ronin - would appreciate some thoughts on that.
  3. I recorded on SL today. The camera would stop recording after 29 minutes. I couldn't go and restart until the session was done. Each file is about 5 minutes. I was wondering if Atomos will do the same - will it create multiple files, which I will need to combine? I have bought an Atomos today btw!
  4. Thank You so much for your responses - I was thinking of getting the Zoom H4N - Zoom H4n Pro Digital Multi-Track Recorder . Any thoughts on using an external Mic and then using the atomos?
  5. Just wondering - How has your experience been with Atomos?
  6. Hello - I need to record for 2 hours on my Leica SL - so I am thinking of purchasing Atomos Ninja V or Blackmagic. Would love to hear if anyone has had experience with either one of them. Was thinking of purchasing 500GB/1TB - along with Atomos. Are any other accessories required in addition to SSD and Ninja V? How can I mount the rode videomic and atomos on the camera together? Thank You in advance!
  7. https://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2019/04/29/sigma-interview-l-mount-lenses-aplenty-mirrorless-to-take-over-from-dslr Did anyone get a chance to read this interview? I think we can expect lenses for l-mount later this year or perhaps next that will work with Leica SL.
  8. I have a 10 stop variable filter for my 50mm summicron M lens. This filter comes in very handy during sunny days when I have shoot wide open. So far I haven't shot much on my SL so don't know if I will be needing one - so I thought I will check if anyone has any experience using the same? Thank You in advance!
  9. I will call them Monday and ship it then. I just can’t get over how simple things are so important in camera care. I am supposed to head back to India on Nov 12th - I hope it can be fixed by then.
  10. Is Leica warranty for a year? I am hoping the lens will be covered by warranty.
  11. It’s a pro media gear Tripod. It is quite sturdy and I had been using it for sometime. Though this was my first real outing with it for landscape. What a way to learn! I stepped away and this gush of air on the hill came in from nowhere and just knocked the tripod over. I had the lens hood which is now damaged - the reason why the lens got impacted was because the lens hood was pointing inwards. I got the lens on Wednesday so I was hoping to get the lens protector this week. I think both these changes can be made easily. I am really enjoying using the len
  12. Hello - Today my camera fell while it was on a tripod. There was a sudden gush of the wind and I just couldn’t control the tripod. The new 16-35 lens got chipped off. I am unable to upload an image as the size of image is now restricted but here is the image. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xcjz6fy0gk1h8yz/2018-10-12 22.11.04.jpg?dl=0 The front cover broke as well - that can be replaced. The other issue issue is that the lens won’t come off. I can press he release button. The camera is working I am able to take images but it won’t come off. Any suggestions what can I d
  13. Thank You - I did check that the sd card it wasn't locked. I think it's something to do with computer that I am using. I finally tried another computer and I was able to update file on the sd card and update the firmware on the SL.
  14. Hello - I am unable to copy the firmware update onto the SD card on my Mac. I have followed the instructions: 1. Insert SD card in SL 2. Format card 3. Remove card from SL - insert into Mac 4. Copy the update into SD card - I am unable to write anything onto the card. (I am also unable to reformat the card also using Disk Utility). Have tried doing this with two separate cards. Has anyone in the past faced a similar issue has a work around this? Thanks,
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