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  1. Enbee

    Camera Fall

    I will call them Monday and ship it then. I just can’t get over how simple things are so important in camera care. I am supposed to head back to India on Nov 12th - I hope it can be fixed by then.
  2. Enbee

    Camera Fall

    Is Leica warranty for a year? I am hoping the lens will be covered by warranty.
  3. Enbee

    Camera Fall

    It’s a pro media gear Tripod. It is quite sturdy and I had been using it for sometime. Though this was my first real outing with it for landscape. What a way to learn! I stepped away and this gush of air on the hill came in from nowhere and just knocked the tripod over. I had the lens hood which is now damaged - the reason why the lens got impacted was because the lens hood was pointing inwards. I got the lens on Wednesday so I was hoping to get the lens protector this week. I think both these changes can be made easily. I am really enjoying using the lens as it’s much lighter than 24-90 and I love how incredible the feel for this lens is. I am am really saddened and now a wee bit concerned. I am sure it will be ok - but still. I am in SFO right now so planning to take it to the leica store right now. I know Leica London did. Does es anyone know if I they have repair facility Or I will have to send it to NJ?
  4. Enbee

    Camera Fall

    Hello - Today my camera fell while it was on a tripod. There was a sudden gush of the wind and I just couldn’t control the tripod. The new 16-35 lens got chipped off. I am unable to upload an image as the size of image is now restricted but here is the image. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xcjz6fy0gk1h8yz/2018-10-12 22.11.04.jpg?dl=0 The front cover broke as well - that can be replaced. The other issue issue is that the lens won’t come off. I can press he release button. The camera is working I am able to take images but it won’t come off. Any suggestions what can I do? https://www.dropbox.com/s/y3bxukumv790cfm/2018-10-12 22.11.12.jpg?dl=0 Learned the lesson the hard way today!
  5. Enbee

    Unable to do Firmware Update

    I know right?!
  6. Enbee

    Unable to do Firmware Update

    Thank You - I did check that the sd card it wasn't locked. I think it's something to do with computer that I am using. I finally tried another computer and I was able to update file on the sd card and update the firmware on the SL.
  7. Hello - I am unable to copy the firmware update onto the SD card on my Mac. I have followed the instructions: 1. Insert SD card in SL 2. Format card 3. Remove card from SL - insert into Mac 4. Copy the update into SD card - I am unable to write anything onto the card. (I am also unable to reformat the card also using Disk Utility). Have tried doing this with two separate cards. Has anyone in the past faced a similar issue has a work around this? Thanks,
  8. Enbee

    Strap and Handgrip with RRS-L Plate

    Thank You everyone! Ravi - I agree with you that neck straps may not be so useful and I may have to give it up soon. But yesterday as I was clicking I needed the strap because I had to hold the children I was photographing. Let me see. A combination as suggested by wmcl seems to be a good to try.
  9. Enbee

    Strap and Handgrip with RRS-L Plate

    RSS QD seems to be unavailable at this point. Thank You for your suggestions.
  10. How are you planning to use the flash. If the room is small, Sometimes I feel SF40 is enough but many a times I have to rely on outside strobes.
  11. Enbee

    16-35 availability in the USA??

    I just got mine from Ken. I had requested it a while ago. I saw one available on adorama as well - you may want to check with them.
  12. Enbee

    16-35 SL vs. WATE M

    Thank You everyone for your help. Finally decided to purchase the 16-35. It will be here this week. Looking forward to using it soon!
  13. Hello - The existing strap for Leica SL is straining my neck too much and I am looking out for alternatives. I have an RRS-L Plate attached to my camera and was wondering which strap may work good. For Straps - it seems the Brouge SL - https://www.harrybenz.com/shop/the-brogue-sl - seems like a good option. Sun Sniper Pro 2 looks like a good option as well: https://www.amazon.com/SUN-SNIPER-Professional-Camera-ROTABALL-SSN-RB-PRO/dp/B01DUK91OM I am unsure if they will both fit with the RRS L-Plate. For the handgrip - Herringbone seems like a great choice https://www.amazon.com/Herringbone-Heritage-Camera-Wrist-Leather/dp/B0148WDN22/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1538989747&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=herringbone+heritage+leather+camera+hand+grip+tape+2 and so does: https://www.eddycam.com/en/shop/slings/SLiNG-2-L-hand-strap.html I use the camera while walking around and also use it for landscapes. For walking around I use the 24-90 lens and will be using the 16-35 lens in the future. I have never used a handgrip before and wondering if I should try a hand grip or should I stick to neck strap. If you have other options or alternatives, please suggest the same. Thanks, Nitesh
  14. Thank You for your response and asking what I am trying to shoot. I shoot a lot inside our house which doesn't get much light. When there is light I get some beautiful shots but mostly I don't. Also, at night shooting has been a challenge. When I shoot more than 1 person, I need to increase the aperture otherwise the beautiful bokeh takes over part of the other person. I don't like increasing the ISO, it really makes the images grainy and no matter how much I have tried in the post, I am unable to get a naturally looking image. I love the M for when there is light but when there is no light I would like to learn what setup will work best for me and my needs. Hope that answers your question.
  15. Thank You for this. What would be a powerful non-Leica flash be? I would really like to get away from the flash look. I recently did a photo shoot in a park on a cloudy day and I really hoped that I would get some amazing results with flash-photography. The images were over exposed and I was saddened by the results. Shall try something again soon !