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  1. If only it'd give me a bag of magic beans!
  2. A few banal test shots with the Ultron 35mm f/2 Type II. All at F2. Just to clarify, the last photo was shot through a double-glazed window at a bit of an angle. Normally I don't seem to notice as much vignetting with this lease.
  3. It was a shaded path leading into an open space. When I took the photo I was facing the path, with the sun shining brightly behind me and reflecting strongly on the deers against a much dimmer background. This is further amplified by the Jupiter 3, which tends to render strong highlights with a pronounced veiling haze. I had another ask me if I was using a flash
  4. Sevenoaks, Surrey. w/ Jupiter-3
  5. Knole Deer Park, Sevenoaks, Surrey. w/ Jupiter-3
  6. at St Marylebone Parish Church MP240 + Summilux 50mm F/1.4 ASPH
  7. Curious. Perhaps your best bet is to send an email to Leica directly and see what they make of this. I for one will be quite interested in hearing what they have to say. Good luck!
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