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  1. Mine's always on too. I use the Haoge which is short, keeps the whole package compact and the camera is now almost level at the bottom plate and lens hood when placed on the table.
  2. You can already shoot very shallow DOF shots with the Voigt 50 1.2. I suggest getting the Zeiss 28mm f2.8. it's light, sharp and does not block the view finder much. if you have a black M10, get the silver Zeiss!
  3. You can match the M10 rendering to M9 but not the other way around, using lightroom. With the M10 image, increase saturation, contrast and clarity a tad bit. You'll see more "3D" effect.
  4. I agree that the 2 major factors in image capture are the lens and the sensor but I don't agree that "the rest is irrelevant in that regard." The M9, M240, M10 EACH have their own image "look." Nothing we can do about the fact that the sensors are different. Now which camera is better in terms of DR and ISO performance? In terms of performance (not image rendering or "look") the M10 is an updated M9. It's also an updated M240 and M8 and M8.2. Ultimately it's up to the user to prefer an image capture over another. I actually prefer my M240 over the M10 when paired with a 35mm summicron asph. Bu
  5. If you get the M9, you'll end up thinking a lot of how you should have gotten the M10. You know this to be inevitable.
  6. If you don’t mind it staying in the camera, just not on the eyepiece, try and “unstick” it. My understanding is that static electricity is making it stick. I’ve had this issue so what I did was moisten the eyepiece and tapped on the eyepiece gently with the tip of a pen with a lint cloth covering the eyepiece to avoid scratching. After 10 minutes I watched the piece of dust drop off the glass. I Don’t know where it is now but it’s not on the eyepiece.
  7. Nothing like having 2 M's!
  8. I too have some tiny dust specs in my VF. In looking at the many different pieces of parts of the top assembly next to the VF of the M10 I can see how dust can migrate onto the VF from the assembly line. ‘That said, I don’t know why my M240’s VF is immaculate.
  9. I miss my Voigtlander 35mm f2.5. Maybe I’ll get another.
  10. I remember some reports of this issue coming in the months after the M10 was released. I haven't heard of it again until your post. Sorry it happened to your camera but for sure they'll fix it and then your M10 will be "perfect."
  11. I shouldn't have looked. Now I feel the need for a 50 Lux.
  12. Yes, love my M10. It would have been the perfect camera for me if Leica removed both the ISO and shutter speed dials. I shoot aperture priority 99% of the time and it would have been nice to have just one button at the top plate -- the shutter button!
  13. Reading this brings back memories of each new gear that was delivered. Every time a new gear arrives I tend to need alone time. =)
  14. The OP's post was really funny to me. I really LOL. I doubt he is really that upset at Leica and I sense it was written as partly humorous.
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