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  1. I really like this. On the one hand, it is absolutely straightforward; on the other it is almost abstract, the eyes wander about lost in the fine textures. It could be a steel engraving... But what it reminds me most of is an ECM sleeve. Lovely.
  2. That 24mm continues to earn its keep in your capable hands. Much enjoyed.
  3. Brooding, simple, ominous. Much enjoyed.
  4. I enjoyed many of these. What I like about them is that they go beyond conventional street photography -- what we might call classic 'decisive moment' street photography. Instead, you seem to take a more provisional, fragmentary view, attracted by details, by abstraction. Some of them put me in mind of the great Magnum photographer Gueorgui Pinkhassov. https://www.magnumphotos.com/photographer/gueorgui-pinkhassov/
  5. Very nice - a classic b&W landscape/architectural picture. Deceptively simple, elegantly presented. I enjoyed seeing this.
  6. Very nice indeed -- classical simplicity, lovely handling of light and the superb background. I enjoyed seeing this.
  7. alun


    Very enjoyable. To my eye the B&W version lifts the image from 'interesting' to 'classic' -- it introduces a timeless quality and also forces one to focus on the essentials of the picture. It reminds me powerfully of someone's work but I'm struggling to think who. Perhaps Erich Hartmann or Ernst Haas. Anyway, I enjoyed it.
  8. Oddly, the B&W of the first image seems to do a better job of capturing the scale and emptiness... Or perhaps in being B&W it simply forces one to focus more on these qualities... I'm not sure which it is, but it's a fine picture.
  9. I've only skimmed the Gary Ayala interview because I'm (supposed to be) working, but it seemed excellent and I shall certainly return to it. We know the big names from the Vietnam period -- these are the photographers from all sides of the war and all parts of the world who have gone down in history -- sometimes tragically so. But those -- often kids at the time -- who saved up part-time job money, or scrounged together a camera kit, or 'borrowed' other people's accreditation and simply headed out to cover the biggest story that then existed, well, these experiences are of a different order an
  10. A terrific thread -- and I don't know how I have previously missed it. First-hand combat photography is rare indeed on the forum. Preserving the recollections of the generation that served in Vietnam is important and I hope others too may come across this thread and be in a position to add to it.
  11. These are excellent -- photojournalistic, beautifully processed, great texture and grain, good subjects. Congratulations.
  12. That final one - 'Lady' - is terrific. It's like a still from a film - elegant, full of mystery, enigmatic.
  13. Geometry, space, landscape-almost-as-abstraction... I love this. Another brilliant use of the 24mm perspective, Andy. That lens has certainly earned its keep in your hands.
  14. Both of those are exceptionally lovely, but the first in particular is classic B&W landscape photography -- and dare I say it, such rest from over-pumped colour, HDR and all the other bells and whistles of digital photography. I felt i could just take a deep breath and concentrate on what was being shown me... Much enjoyed.
  15. Superb use of an awful lot of space, Andy. Very beautiful and much enjoyed (in wet dismal Monday morning Birmingham).
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