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  1. I love it with the M10M when I want to expose for high contrast. I can look through it will moving the camera around until i see a more exciting contrast of blacks and whites. then I have press and recompose
  2. did you clean the glass of the rangefinder? if it's smudged it could look blurry.
  3. i used alcohol on a swab and rubbed it on the edges and my shutter came back to life
  4. SF 60 and trigger are now listed and will be available soon
  5. I like the Barber shop wrist strap. It locks well around the wrist and can't slip off. Other wrist straps didn't lock and felt like they would slip off. This almost automatically locks tight around the wrist and stays there. Feels very secure and I let the camera dangle when I need my right hand. http://www.barbershopbags.com/en/wrist-strap-razor-cut-grained-black-leather_bbs-rc-3.html
  6. Having the suggested name of XY, I would suspect APS-C as do all the X series.
  7. Cliff S

    thumb support

    I have both the Leica one and the Thumbs up. the Leica was always a bit wiggly and threatened to fall off. t\The Thumbs Up is more solid and won't budge.
  8. I find silk straps too slippery and I can't let the camera hang from my wrist ever. Leather is good as long as the inside is not abrasive which to can and you will get welts from it. Gordy's leather tend to be too abrasive for me by very sturdy.
  9. The only AF success I had reasonably successful was AF-c and keep the shutter button half pressed. Sometimes Auto(Face) would give me reasonably constant AF without half pressing the shutter.
  10. I know what focus stacking is and I doappreciate your help but in reference to his comment re stack focus with video af-c I don't understand what he means.
  11. What is stack focussing?
  12. I wish we wouldn't have to keep the trigger half pressed in video to use dynamic or AF-C. Really impossible when using a gimbal or tripod even.
  13. I wish there was a better description of what the implementation is of things that are improved. Specifically (from the firmware description sheet): - MF-/AF-control optimized - Improved: AF field chances while recording video - Improved: AFc while recoding video
  14. so does this mean AF-C finally works for video without needing to continuously half-press the shutter?
  15. And keep AF-C engaged with a single click of the shutter instead of requiring either constant half-press pressure OR a remote release cable to keep AF-C engaged
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