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  1. ^^^ WOW, what a fantastic photo of a Fuji X100 mural! ; )
  2. How about upping the ante? Not only are most comments banal but so are the photographs. Stay with me here. I used to think the same thing about all camera forums that have photos. I agree with you that, as photographs, almost every one of these photos are banal but I have come to really understand and learn that making masterpieces is not what these kinds of forums and threads are about. As far as this X1 thread is concerned, I have learned from the most banal of photographs, not about photography, but about what the technical strengths and limitations the X1 is capable of. Far earlier in this thread, for instance, I learned that underexposing the X1 (compensated in post-process) on certain shots is better than proper exposure due to noise issues above ISO 800. A few of us would look, examine, and critique each others photographs until we came to this conclusion. We wouldn't have learned this lesson without the opportunity to look at so-called banal photographs and examine them from purely a technical stand-point. For this, the thread has been completely invaluable.
  3. I concur, that as much as I loved the X1, it does not merit a $2,000 price tag. Its build quality is equal to less than half that, as far as I'm concerned. I just loved the classic simplicity of the camera, though, its image quality, and its portability.
  4. I can help you out here. I made huge 12" X 18" prints with an Epson 7900 10 color press from photos I took with the X1. The quality of the prints are superlative! The X1 is up to the task. I did, however, eventually sell my X1. The reason for this is that I just could not do without a viewfinder on my camera. Street shooting in NYC and looking through the LCD was just way too amateurish and the Voightlander viewfinder did not frame my shots accurately. I sold the X1 and I'm waiting for my Fuji X100 to arrive in the mail.
  5. ...here we go, keep 'em coming!
  6. Thanks for the Ciesta link. Nice camera bags but the only problem is, with most if not all, camera bags are that they are too big for the X100 or X1. It defeats the purpose of owning a small camera if you bag is ginormous. Small, compact, efficient; that's what I'm looking for. So far, the Gariz camera bags are the only ones that fit this profile. I just wish they would use better quality leather and no buttons and no snaps (they can, over time, damage cameras). While we are at it, even though Gariz doesn't use velcro, I should say that using velcro is another cardinal sin in camera bag design.
  7. Wow, those water shots above are gorgeous. I also love the fact that there seems to be very little post-processing. I feel like I was just splashed by the ocean just looking at these photos.
  8. Who is your insurance company? I'm looking for a company that is fast and speedy.
  9. Hey Georg, you and I are on the same wavelength. Again, I agree with you here. Just because a camera is made out of machined metal does not mean it's a boat anchor. My Leica lllg was all metal. It was easily transportable and its built-like-a-tank engineering recently brought me in $1000 on ebay. All from a camera made in 1957.
  10. I agree with this totally. My number one issue with the X1 was the build quality. It is almost twice as expensive as the X100 and yet all these parts on it are made out of cheap plastic. I too am hoping that the X2 is made with heavy-duty machined metal and a real glass LCD screen. For the prices Leica charges there is no reason for the current lack of quality.
  11. With all due respect to MJH, I kind of agree with this statement. It might not be true but there is truth to it. Then again, where do BMW's come from?
  12. Let us know, Paul, what you think of the Gariz case when you get it. I am considering getting the smaller case for my Fuji X100. I just wish someone on these forums had purchased one already.
  13. No offense to anyone here but it looks like all of these bags are really not up to snuff compared to the M9. Has anyone ever tried the Gariz camera bags? They are utterly elegant looking and functional, at least in their slick advertising photos. etc : CB-LZMP
  14. Hmm, good idea. Leica did this with Panasonic. Why not Fuji? I can see this now; a re-wrapped Fuji X200 could most feasibly be the new Lecia X2 also.
  15. Film photography is, of course, an interesting topic in this regard. Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that film photography reached the masses by 1850 and was used regularly by photographers up to the year 2000. So that is 150 years of film photography. In the brief history of time, that is not long at all. Look how long painting has been around and it is still going strong. Thing is too, digital photography is here to stay. I am certain it will last longer than 150 years.
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