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  1. Almost one year with the Q and 1 issue with the dust in the sensor...3 months after i adquiere the camera i got the dust, then after Leica Singapore cleaned, I decide since I don't use the video function to cover the microphone and speakers with a black tape, and clean the surface of the ring every time I change from Normal to Macro. 9 months, 10 trips 8 countries with different weather and so far no more problems with my sensor. However I wish the camera was designed with better weather seal. I found the camera to be the perfect travel companion and I will love to have out of my mind the worries during dusty, windy, humid o rainy days.
  2. I called my Q "My Perfect Travel Companion" (Don't tell my wife ;-))
  3. That is sad. It was always good to read about his experiences with the camera and his comparisons and recommendations. My condolences to all his love ones. RIP Francisco
  4. I may not read correctly either the user manual or the forum but still not a way to switch off the noise reduction function? It will only add a countdown?
  5. Leicarumors just publish the possibility to see by the end of next week (July 29th) a 2.1 version that will include tethered shooting. I think this will be a great improvement but will Leica will release the Leica Image Shutter for the SL?
  6. Here in Singapore I can't complaint. Before Sales and After Sales have been great. 1)They don't try to sell me something I don't need. 2) They always responsive if is a problem on any of my equipment. (They did a very good customer service with my Leica T, and so far my SL is behaving great) The price I paid in SG for the SL was just few hundred more than the US price in B&H (Around 4 or 5 hundred).
  7. But talking seriously, already try to order one, just waiting for the final price since needs to be sent to my home country.
  8. good one, maybe I should do that and perhaps the pity will increase the price by 30%
  9. Good news for my TS lenses. Bad news is here in Singapore the Novoflex official distributors don't have the most minimum idea this was already launch and worst, you can't order from Novoflex directly. I guess I need to wait for a nice friend in Europe or US to be around there traveling or coming here so I can ask them to bring it.
  10. Please, Not another pixel discussion and the feeling of of professional photographers from CNS.
  11. Please, don't use the baidu translator or google translator.
  12. I just saw in a COACH store here in Singapore a new messenger bag for cameras and not expensive compared with LV ;-)
  13. have you try another lens on it? I know does't make sense but I don't have that problem with the 24-90 or the M or the T or Canon Lenses on my SL
  14. which lens are you using? I don't have any problem with JPG or Video. Did you modify anything on any of the profiles?
  15. Jono, Love your Curlicue with the Marumi Achromat 200. But let me ask you, How do you scale down your image to show so clear and big being only 45kb size? Best, Francisco
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