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  1. OK, I'm flummoxed to say the least. One steps on to an anchor?? Either way a great image as it makes viewer pause to view .. in bewilderment.
  2. Got 45, 90 & 120mm XCD & I'm salivating for 21mm or 30mm XCD. Altho' I must confess with today's announcement of 40MP Leica M10-R it changes everything.
  3. BTW. Sugimoto photographed the same theatre in 80s but this is the entrance hall.
  4. Thank you. It is Milwaukee Museum Of Art. Architecture by Calatrava. Iā€™m sure u recognize the familial resemblance with Oculus.
  5. Thank you for correcting me. I appreciate it.
  6. ?? I thought I did spelling it correctly.
  7. I got introduced to Sujimoto's work when Sharookh enlightened me, so thnx to him.
  8. ShawnK


    Very nice. Looks like u used a tilt & shift lens. Why the title of"Lockhart"?
  9. Thank you. Yes, I'm well so far as hypochondria is in full bloom. Hope you, Barbara & loved ones are doing good in Gov. Cuomo's neighbourhood..
  10. Love Hiroshi Sujimoto's work, this was inspired by his works.
  11. I saw them rather late & loved 'em. Made me want to go back to Chicago when life resumes. I've been shooting with Hasselblad X1D & 3 of their lenses. Do love 'em BUT just cant seem to part with my Leicas, their lenses have that famous 'je ne sais quoi".
  12. Really nice. Fab POV. Where did you shoot from, if I may ask?
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