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  1. Photo #8 - 3 points - My Friends Photo #1 - 2 points - Washing of feet before prayer Photo #18 - 1 point - Cistern Well done to all, it was a good time and great get together.
  2. Stuart, thank you, and yes it was from the One Challenge last Saturday. Paul, thank you for commenting, indeed there was a nice exchange going on. Farnz, I thought you might recognise him, and I agree, the photo, without words clearly demonstrates a connection.
  3. semrich

    Playing Hooky

    Be, surely one of your best. The shallow depth of field gives an impression of the depth of his concentration, as though everything around him has blurred into obscurity.
  4. semrich


    Thank you all for commenting, all points are well taken.
  5. Alex, the kind of shot I've come to expect from you, and can't remember ever being disappointed.
  6. Nice, it gives me reason to wonder about how it sounded.
  7. Not much more to add to what has already been said, simply a beautiful portrait.
  8. Super, the expression on the guy with the hat is priceless, like "whose he kidding." The little guy with the raised fists reminds me of the baby chicken hawk cartoon character.
  9. semrich


    for a nibble. Fishing from the Galata Bridge, Istanbul. Thanks for viewing this photo.
  10. semrich


    Complex indeed, it makes you stick with it and work it out, then keeps you looking.
  11. I spent 10 years in Southern California so I can say "Cool" and when you really look at this you see that everyone is doing something different as they just wait for the surf to come up. Great shot, it would make a nice print.
  12. semrich

    Aita Flores

    I'm in total agreement with all the previous comments, just wonderful.
  13. semrich

    The ultimate goal

    Escalator shots are favorites of mine for their lights and reflections, this one is ranks up with the best I've seen, especially with the single stairway and person.
  14. semrich

    The Toss

    Kids at play on the streets of Istanbul. Thanks for looking.
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