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  1. Been plenty of time to go out with a camera lately.
  2. A few days ago I came across a X1 in good shape and I got it for a great price. I remember owning the X1 back when it was first released. The X1 impressed me back then and I was eager to see how it performed after a few years spoiled by M9s, the 240s and the Q. I am delighted to report that the X1 still delivers fantastic image quality. The autofocus is still slow, yet presise in good light.
  3. Intriguing image. Well composed. Like a painting. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Well done! And what comfort and reassurance this statement is for all future Leica customers!
  5. I have also experienced lock up a number of times. Maybe 10 times in total over the last 4 months. Both before and after the newest firmware. The pattern, it seems, is when I shoot consecutive shots very fast in single mode. No live view and no EVF. With at least two different SD cards. Normal European temperatures in the low to mid 20`s celsius. Removal of battery and it fires right up again. //Daniel
  6. Many thanks for the article, Thorsten. I must say, the linked pdf is fantastic reading for all Leica fans. Stories and insights on Leica I have never come across before: http://www.fdtimes.com/pdfs/articles/leica/Leica-CWSonderoptic-CineLenses-FDTimes150.pdf //Daniel
  7. Over the past few days the number of images tagged with the hashtag #leica has passed a quarter of a million. I enjoy Instagram very much and the little app has grown to become one of my favorite places to look and interact with fellow Leica users and other interesting photographers. Both amateur and more professional ones. Instagram has more than 200 million users worldwide and and there are more than 60 million images uploaded daily. Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012 I think Instagram is a lot more than photographs of peoples dinners overlaid with cheap filters to make them l
  8. I sent an email to customer service at Leica Wetzlar earlier today, and they could confirm that the new firmware for the Leica M will be released this week. No particular day mentioned:) Daniel
  9. Very interesting, Paul! Thanks for sharing. I remember visiting Ellis Island and thought of it as the historical gateway to America. Is there perhaps a place online to see more of you work? Best, Daniel
  10. Leica released an app for the Leica T yesterday. You can download it now from app store. It connects with your iPhone og iPad. Not sure if it is available for Android yet in Google Play. Some features are: - Camera Live View - Control Capture Settings - Remote Shutter - Start/Stop Video Recording - Delete images - View, download and share images from the camera So, the Leica T (Typ 701) certainly has a possibility for wifi. Personally I believe the "T" stands for "Touch" as in touch screen.
  11. T: Touch? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Memories from this summer. Thanks for looking:)
  13. Did a little night photography the other day. Thanks for looking:)
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