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  1. mas

    Close Focus

    As much as possible, but I'd still like to use the same lens for urban landscape. It's a lot to ask I know. My 28mm for my D800E is close focus. About 5".
  2. mas

    Close Focus

    Thanks John. At this point, I'm of the mind to stick with D800E and old mechanical 28mm with close-focus. Michael
  3. mas

    Close Focus

    Won't that vignette? If not, what about the Canon 250D on a 35mm lens?
  4. mas

    Close Focus

    I gathered that. Thanks. What does anybody know about using a close-up lens/filter? Any appreciable degradation in image quality?
  5. mas

    Close Focus

    Is there any way to achieve close focus with the 30, 35 or 45 mm S lenses? About 6"?
  6. My feeling is that to bring the digital M's up to the same level of utility as the film models, something should be done to reduce the need for extra care or maintenance. I never had to wet clean the inside of my film M's. As far as the other digital camera features people have mentioned, those are in a different category, extras. Probably the answer to my question lies in a combination of replies to this post. Thanks for your input everyone.
  7. Is there some good reason why Leica is not including an automatic dust cleaning feature in their M's? It's a necessary feature on a digital camera. The lack of this vibration/sonic whatever is the deciding factor in my upcoming purchase.
  8. Does anyone know which focal length lens Koudelka uses on his Leica S? Thanks.
  9. I turned on the camera and pushed the shutter release, and it started firing. Turning it off doesn't help. Removing the battery stops it, until I turn the camera back on again. How do I fix this? Thanks.
  10. IMHO, this is the digital camera Leica should have come out with first, for half the price of the M8. Digital capture, no fancy features.
  11. Leica fixed up an S/S2 with a 1:3 format for Koudelka. Does anyone know which focal length lens they supplied him? Thanks.
  12. mas

    S MTF's

    Does anyone know the URL to find S lens MTF #'s? Thanks.
  13. The price and the failure to fix bugs from previous M digitals are strong indicators that Leica is not marketing to professional photographers. This should be a $3,000 camera, and Fix the Framelines. Tschüss Michael
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