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  1. It's a good photo. A frame within a frame. Something about this chap's age, fashion sense and the way he looks quite calm. I also think the way the other customers are obscured by reflection and blur works well. Top right diagonal warm yellow. Bottom left diagona cooler l blues.
  2. Excellent set of colours in this.
  3. Yesterday, I bought the M3 1957, and a collapsable Elmar 1957'ish, 50mm 2.8/15 blade. I found a lovely chap called Alan, who can replace the Vulcanite and make it all shiney and new. Alan doesn't have a shop front but I will ask him to let me bring my father to his workshop to see where he does his magic. It's a five hour drive up to pick up my dad then two hours over to the workshop. He's deaf now and disabled so can only walk about 50metres at a time so hopefully no staircases. I need to find an excuse to give my dad so he doesn't guess what is going on. I also need to make sure mum doesnt find out she will think I'm crazy, buying another camera for him.
  4. My M11 is still on order. I never got into M digitals. I was about to buy the m10R because of the timer and improvements. Sad to see your comment. I had though about buying the M10p instead because of my worries. But I'm signed up and watching the M11 images thread now. There are lots of great pictures coming out with M11 now. Is it a better camera? Who knows, if it is the camera you are carrying at the time then yes :). Perhaps once the dust settles and the idiosyncrosis (spelling?) are worked out it will become a classic (or an M5 or a Porsche 944 or 914) erm ?
  5. The series of images are super. Wifey thinks they are beautiful. I did a similar set with a tiny 12mp fuji compact, once 15 years ago, outside our house on the river Thames. They were great too. Hand held ! lots of grain and dark etc. It was the colours and mood that made them work. I havent put them up here because they arent Leica M11s. Qualitywise, Yours pics look perfect in pretty much every way. For me, they remind me of the science fantasy books of Michael Moorcock or the paintings of Roger Dean from the 70s. Before I get all gushy. Were the two pictures left and right and you stitched them top to bottom, or were the two pictures top and bottom and you stitched them left to right? I get confused when we describe them. Which lens did you use? And how much time did you take in post? Also, what do you mean when you say the M11 is the most buggy M? Great pictures.
  6. Interesting. Okay, how about Leica does the following: - drill a hole through the top left and make it a range finder/viewfinder. - make the lens interchangeable. Actually dont bother, I prefer the M in its previous and current form. Beautiful, warts and all.
  7. As everyone has probably guessed by now. I'm a bit of a dreamer. I run my software company the same way
  8. That makes sense. I wasnt thinking about video (god forbid) I was thinking more like: A new sensor grain free at ISO 32000. A nicely engraved top plate! A free evf A free 35mm APO (yummy) >> AND Maestro IV for: > Super fast startup > 4.5 frames per second bracketed shooting changing the speed and giving +1,0, -1 stops over and under exposure.
  9. Real Ibis and Ois. Im not sure it would go in hand luggage.
  10. To be honest, even with my M6s And even my old fuji xt1 (long gone) I have always tried to think a bit more and use the nearest support. A more triangular shape between my arm and ribs, a wall by my side, a car bonnet or even the top of a chair if I'm indoors. I dont think the m11 is the sort of camera that a groovy fashion photographer would use, jumping off ladders or running along a red carpet. My current digital, fuji x100f is the worst for blur. It takes me too long to take a shot, the view finder is cluttered and trying to avoid the useless settings drives me nuts, I often fumble or give up. Give me any M any day of tbe week. My Ms generally works for me down to about 1/15 of a sec with great success. I guess what most people are talking about is, that shot when you are getting off the tube and people are walking around or you see something cool and you are fumbling with your shopping and you need to balance. I once managed to grab a great shot of a little 4year old girl on her scooter, her dad was holding her scooter and the lights were changing. Not wanting to get run over I had to keep my eye on the road while taking the shot and make sure the dad was okay with it. Some sort of Ibis ois etc would make life easier but ultimately you need to adapt a little. Or as some of the good replies I have had here say, 'get a camera you feel you can use'. Bugs aside the M11 is fantastic no doubt. Maybe for some users its not quite right. Maybe Leica will release a full frame 24mp of the m11 (like the SL2S) with all the benefits/improvements of the M11 (inc Bsi and better power management), but we will have to see. I carried 2 M6s (one for colour and one for bw) But in the meantime the M10P is tested and looks great value. If you can afford the M11 you can afford a second 10mp. It has its place. People love it, and wont depreciate much from now.
  11. The subject and image in this one is excellent. Do you guys have real jobs or are you all just running around taking photos like crazy people? I'm surprised you aren't all bumping into each other
  12. Great shot but what on earth is going on here? The cables are really thin and she looks like a fisherman has just caught her like some kind of mermaid!
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