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  1. Nail polish, shirt, bra and even the bokeh were colour co-ordinated 😁
  2. Really superb and one of the best candid portaits I have seen on this forum
  3. From the Helsinki Biennial 2021, with 24-90mm lens
  4. From the Helsinki Biennial 2021, with 24-90mm lens
  5. So I contacted the dealer and they are arranging UPS pick up; they will replace the camera and should only take a few days
  6. I got my SL2-s a week ago. Love it. In the last couple of days a dust spot has also appeared on my EVF, exactly as described and pictured above. Indeed I have been adjusting the diopter, seems to make sense some dust came loose. Whatever the cause I am not keen to return the camera (shipped from overseas). Guess it will bother me though, I'll email the dealer...
  7. I use ilford 3200 quite a lot. I gather it is actually rated at 1600. When I get it developed at 1600 it is normal price. If I shoot at 3200 or 6400 I pay for a one or two push stop respectively. Nice images at any of these ratings, just a deeper contrast as you push it from 1600
  8. The T app only recognises jpeg files - I learned to my disappointment that if you are shooting DNG only the app cannot recognise the pictures; could this be your problem?
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