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  1. I haven't installed this version yet, but previous times this has worked fine for me. I export my profile to a separate card (before starting the FW process) and then re-import profile via the user profile settings. So far this has worked flawlessly.
  2. Does anyone know what this means? Could it be back button focus for the 'clutch' lenses?
  3. I shot a (very mild) show a couple of weeks ago in Ivalo, Finland. I was using my 24-90mm SL at 24mm. Although they were not very bright (barely seen with naked eye, got a bit brighter for some moments) I found I could shoot at ISO 1600 for 5 seconds with some light to spare, so I stopped the lens down to f/3.2. Sturdy tripod used. I was pretty pleased with this first attempt, particularly how well the stars came out.
  4. Just what was posted above by Jess S: you can turn off the automation and use the configurable button next to the viewfinder to select display mode I use "EVF extended" most of the time anyway = EVF for shooting, LCD display for review and setting menus. Good for saving battery also.
  5. 24-90 by day, APO summicron by night, for me it's almost that simple. When shooting music I am generally working in pretty low light in small venues and appreciate a lighter less obtrusive kit. I also (generally) use my primes when shooting candid shots of my family/friends indoors. Out for some landscape photography or just some sight seeing or city exploring I take the 24-90. In the right setting then also the 90-280mm. I am curious to use my primes more for landscape and see how they compare to the 24-90, but am not willing to carry that much with me. If I was e.g. touring in a car or had a base like a country cabin, then I would.
  6. I've been using the leash with my SL2S since late Autumn, with 24-90, 90-280 and some primes. I really like it although imagine a bit more padding (slide lite) would be a good idea in the summer when I don't have so many layers on to give me extra padding I have two cameras and just swap the strap out depending on which one I am using.
  7. Pretty sure that's a Freiburg - I used to have one but sold it (since replaced with a Light line Boulevard tablet, which is similar dimensions but a bit lighter.)
  8. 24-90, 90-280, 50, 75 24-90: My 'go to' lens for landscape/candid landscape, general daylight photography. Also when travelling "light" I would typically take the 24-90 and one of my primes for evening use. Having a background as a user of M rangefinders it took a while to 'accept' this zoom, but the more I use it the more amazed I am at its versality and quality (noting that the Summicron SL lenses are on another level again). 90-280: For more 'serious' landscape photography, dedicated photography overnight trips, or on a local excursion where I don't have too much other stuff to carry. 50&75 Summicron SL: For my main passion - music photography, often in small badly lit venues. I wouldn't mind a fast wide angle also but not a big priority right now. I guess the 50/75 pairing would raise some eyebrows. I agonised for months between the 75 and 90 and am happy with my choice so far. I also use these lenses for candid snaps of family and friends in indoor venues. When I shoot larger music events (COVID has pretty much blocked this) with better lighting then my zooms would come back into play. For the future: I would like an fast ultrawide for e.g. astro or northern lights (but rarely have opportunity to do this type of stuff). Also a longer zoom like the Sigma 150-500 would be appealing for moon photography but again I doubt this is worth the investment given my lifestyle and priorities. 🙃
  9. It got me 'correct' with 50mm, my most used lens (although I also more and more like telephoto and 24mm since I moved from M to SL). A nice fun distraction, thanks.
  10. Beautiful sky in Helsinki harbour this morning. Summicron-sl 75mm @f2
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