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  1. Thanks for these examples and impressions! I got quite interested in this lens but already have the 18-56, and the CL recently became my second camera to an SL2-s. Interestingly I noticed that the PCMag reviews for these two lenses (carried out on different occassions and never sure how accurate/subjective these types of tests are) gave the Sigma higher sharpness scores than for the Leica. Happy to hear that users here have the opposite impression! https://uk.pcmag.com/lenses/33966/leica-vario-elmar-t-18-56mm-f35-56-review https://uk.pcmag.com/lenses/136363/sigma-18-50mm-f28-dc-
  2. I enjoyed your 'astonishment report' For me number 4 is annoying indeed (but hardly a dealbreaker). The rest you mention are not an issue for me personally, just part of the design aesthetic = "horses for courses"
  3. This one at 135mm (200mm equiv, heavily cropped to I guess around 400mm)
  4. I went for a short shoot over the weekend with my SL2-s and TL 55-135. I've been curious to try them but only got my SL2-s and lenses relatively recently so couldn't leave them home until now 😆 Plus I wasn't so sure about 10mp in case I missed a good opportunity for a great shot. I do have a CL, but really like using the SL2-s (in particular the back button focus, IBIS, and general ergonomics/aesthetic) and am happy to carry the extra 500g of camera but it's nice to go out sometimes with lighter lenses. This one at 90mm equivalent, mild edits (and I ran it through Enhance in LR to up
  5. I would find this decision really difficult. From 2014-2020ish I shot only with rangefinder and prime lenses, and would be 'lost' without a 50mm lens, which I have used for 90% of my shots in that period. I got a CL a couple of years ago and an SL2-s more recently and have really liked the zoom lenses for daylight photography, casual stuff and candid landscapes. Having said that it's winter time here in Finland and daylight pictures will be a rare pleasure for the next few months, so I'm back to the 50mm (and other primes) most of the time for indoor stuff. From your post though, you don'
  6. I've not had much opportunity to use my 50-SL so far (I tend to use my 24-90 for daylight stuff, and not much live music going on thanks to COVID) but I absolutely love it. A few examples coming up 50SL
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