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  1. Edited for better file size, here’s a couple more.
  2. Found some more unusual footpaths for my daily lockdown “exercise” today and took the Summaron for company. Derelict Water Works buildings and underpasses I would never have ventured to in the normal scheme of things.
  3. Focal length wise, big fan of 28/50 pair. That was what came with me for a month around NZ. The specific lenses may have changed but still very much 28/50 if 2 lenses and a good old small 35mm if just one.
  4. Hi All, first time post so hope these pics show up properly. I've been watching and reading these forums for a while and taking great inspiration. This thread in particular is relevant to me as the lens usually attached to my MM is a Zeiss 35/2. Recently also picked up the 28/2.8 for a trip to the Lake District. Excuse the very dusty sensor, needs a clean badly and obviously forgot to remove the spots on some of these! Seathwaite - 28/2.8 Windy Dorset Walks - 35/2 Coastal Clambering - 35/2 Grasmoor - 28/2.8 Plenty more on my flickr feed, particularly here
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