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  1. Kind of coming back to the OP, As the production of regular off the shelf 50mm/.95 have not escaped captivity yet we don't really know yet how good or not it may be. There seems to be some kind of consensus (that I've perceived from online comments/reviews) that these lens from 7 or TT Artisans are about 85-90% image quality wise of the equivalent Leica lens for maybe 1/20-1/30th of the price. As ever what's it worth to you personally and what my eye perceives is probably different to what yours or anyone else may perceive. Just my 2 pence worth and happy to get shot down, regards Rob
  2. Not sure that it does, going back to the OP he asked about a filter that fitted his MATE which didn't need modification to use with the hood. At the time we didn't know if he was referring to the mk 1 55mm or the mk2 49mm. One poster offered up an aftermarket slim fit 55mm and I offered up that Leica made a filter specifically for the 49mm version. Without bothering to go back through the thread I don't recall any claims of advantage of one brand over another or the usual snarky comments about cheap filters on expensive lens. I suppose Leica or any other lens manufacturer would claim that their filters are specially matched to the lens but I see no claims of superiority in this thread, without really knowing what advances have been made in coating technology over the last few years it could be argued that a new filter from one of the better aftermarket manufacturers may well be superior to the one that was first marketed some years a go by Leica.
  3. Hence my comment about checking out the s/h Dealers, I wouldn't expect Leica or any other manufacturer to produce a filter primarily designed to fit a lens discontinued well over 10 years a go
  4. I remember starting that thread, one of the reasons I don't post that often now. was it really that long a go
  5. It's 13329, so they did make a special filter after all...........
  6. Fantastic, so just a normal E49 filter and job done
  7. I believe Leica made filters specifically for this lens, might be worth checking out the s/h Dealers, regards Rob
  8. The price of decent M9's seems to be rising, they're almost at the same level of the M240 now, certainly looking at the prices at the Dealers,
  9. Thanks for all the contributions, I have gone ahead and ordered the lens which I wait for with much anticipation, regards Rob
  10. I would like to see some examples, any ideas? Rob
  11. Guess with the higher iso capabilities of the M240 a 2.4 or 2.5 Summarit would fit the bill,
  12. Hi all, I am thinking of pulling the trigger on a 35mm Summicron V3, no mysteries regarding film M but I am wondering how it performs on a M240 before going ahead. Has anyone tried this combo and what are your thoughts? I understand that it cannot be coded, is there another profile worth picking from the menu? thanks in advance, Rob
  13. I think you need to try each focal length and see which one you prefer
  14. I would certainly agree with that what you got back was dictated by what was in the parts bins when the camera went in for conversion but I will throw in a couple more factors as well, there were differences in the 1A over it's production life plus some might have needed a lot more work than others, some camera's would have gone for conversion just to take advantage of the new lenses coming onto the market, others may well have gone in and had the conversion done only after sustaining damage like being dropped onto a hard surface and therefore possibly needing far more new parts to make it good, guess there is an endless amount of different conversions out there........ regards to all, Rob
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