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  1. I am quite excited that Leica is stepping into the filmmaking realm. I have been an avid Sony user for my video production and I was looking to get my hands on the Sony A7SIII in the next few months. Usually, I'm not an early buyer I like the hype to settle down. I didn't see this coming from Leica and now with the SL2-S I'm not entirely sure I would go to Sony again for video. Great insight Steven, considering you already own an A7S III it would be great to see some comparison. Sony is a beast in low light - is Leica really up to that standards?
  2. Scene today outside the National Gallery at sunset. M246 w Zeiss 35mm 1.4 Distagon. I love ISO 8000 on the M246!
  3. As much as I'd love to get an M10M - that's way too expensive for me right now! I'm trying the M246 on a load this week and I'm really enjoying it...especially in low light it's quite impressive (ISO 6400 it's great!), long battery life and somehow I'm really enjoyin the Live View which I'm not using for shooting but to check exposure etc (never been a huge fan of Leica meters).
  4. I know! I;m very thankful they covering this - I read other customers experiences with replacing boards...mad expensive! The M9 Mono is indeed one of a kind, but as times goes by it starts worrying me a lot and as I'm testing the M246 (out of a loan right now) I'm wondering if it's the right time to sell the M9 Mono and get the M246. Right now you can get an M246 for a few extra hundreds...
  5. Oh yes I've experienced that late recocking too! I had news from Wetzlar today and they found out that the board of the camera needed replacement. Wow. This is the problem it had since they re-mapped the sensor: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Sa0xNFv-7CgOrAznCE_aTERT_YtWo5Vc/view?usp=sharing Luckly, they acknowledged that's something that happened after the remapping and therefore is free of charge.
  6. I ended up sending the camera to Germany, after 2 months it returned with another flaw (this time, when I zoomed in the images the camera freeze). It's still in Germany as we speak... ah...I feel like the Mono is slowly giving up..
  7. I wish I could do that! To be honest, I do prefer the image output of the M9Mono - there is something about that sweetspot at ISO 1600! But the technology behind it starts to feel really dated now. Even the battery, wow the M246 can actually handle a whole day with one battery, easily. I will have it for few more days so I really look forward to test it in different scenario - who knows maybe I will sell the M1 and get the 246!
  8. I have a M246 on load whilst I get my M9Mono repaired - wow I finally got to try this camera after so long. I've shot the M9Mono for many years and love it to bits! But even this M246 is so lovely...just the shutter itself has such a nice feeling. And the live view mode is refreshing to use. I'm really enjoying the capabilities of this beast...
  9. Ok my Monochrom just got back today from Germany. Really excited to get it back to discover there is a new problem now... The vertical line seems disappeared but now when I click Play to view an image the camera quite often get stuck and i need to remove the battery to be able to use it again. Really annoying...has anyone experienced this sort of things? I really dont want to add another 'quirk' to this camera (mine has already way too many!) but what a pain now to send it back to Germany!!!!
  10. Konica Hexar AF with Fomapan 100 (Pushed to 800)
  11. This would be a great solutions as many users reported this type of issue with M's.
  12. The price of the M10 is still going down (I saw them flying around £3500). I'm tempted to sell my M9Mono and get my hands on an M10 too....very tempted!
  13. argh I just got the email from Germany with a £200 repair for that vertical line 😕
  14. Contax G2 with 90mm Sonnar on KodakColo200
  15. I sold my M8 a while ago with the intention to upgrade to SL...then the pandemic happened and i said you know what, maybe it's not a great time to upgrade. I even went to the Leica shop for a quick try and I loved the camera...and now I'm itching again to upgrade BUT with the M10 prices dropping quite heavy I'm a bit in doubt. I can see some M10 sold for £3400 which is quite impressive....I love a small body but in the other hand I want to start shooting more with long focal length and therefore I thought the SL may be a better shout. How good is to focus with the SL? I dont even remembe
  16. Contax G2 with 90mm on expired KodakColor200
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