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  1. Thanks for all the positive feedback...I have to say I'm enjoying spending my days out with my Leica, sometime is a bit frustrating when I see a great shot but I still take too long to focus and I miss it...but I guess it will come with practice. I'm appplyng today for the Magnum Masterclass and I will send them those photos...and I hope they will give me a chance to join their classes I'm sure there will be so much to learn! @tookaphotoof I will be honest with you I loved that sounds of the typewriter it was almost hypnotic! Many people stop by to share a word with the dude...I guess i
  2. Thanks a lot I do appreciate a lot feedbacks! Thinking about to join a Magnum Masterclass (2 Days) in November...but they selecting people...a bit scared they wont like my pictures and I wont be able to join the workshop
  3. I got passionate about Street Photography few months ago when I bought my first Leica, the M8. Here's some of my flicks:
  4. Welcome to the forum! I never had a Leica in my hands before but few months ago I bought one, a lovely M8. Since that day my DSLR is sitting in the desk... it takes a bit to get used to but you will not regret!
  5. I have a Voigtlander 35mm f/1.4 which Im very happy with. I was on a budget too so I found it on eBay for 300£ in mint condition. I love the 35mm field of view (even though the sensor is crop) and the 1.4 aperture really helps on night shots or dark places (since you cannot bump too much the iso). Hope that helps!
  6. Bubbles by jonnyboyshots, on Flickr
  7. Welcome to the forum. Been shooting on Canon for a while but mainly I am a videographer and only recently started getting into photography! After a loads of good advice here I bought my M8 and I am completely happy with it. There isnt a day I dont go out and snap some pictures. I didnt had much budget for a lens so I bought a Voigtlander 35mm f/1.4 which is a really good value for the price (paid 300£!). Although from my own experience I would not reccomend to buy from eBay (and I am a really eBay addicted!) it may save you some bucks but most probably you will not have any warran
  8. Bought my first Leica 3 weeks ago. This one shot with a Voigtlander 35mm f1.4 Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park London
  9. I have been shooting a lot in the last day and slowly but surely i'm getting used to the Leica....and i'm lovin it! I had to struggle to save the loot but now i dont regret it at all! In love with the black and white..... anyone can suggest me which filter to buy to correct the 'purple' tone on sunny shots?
  10. I had a free afternoon today and I had the chance to test my M8 for the first time.... it is quite hard to handle it when you coming from dslr framing through the viewfinder is not the easiest way especially the focus. Im used to manual focus but I have to say it is completely different on the Leica... A bit embarassing but yeah a whole afternoon and I didnt captured not even 1 good photo Cant even imagine how those street photographers "point-focus-and-snap" in such a quick way and with beautiful result!
  11. Bought my M8 today! Super excited!
  12. How many of you guys had problems with the shutter with the M8? Im doing my best to get a M8.2 since I read is more reliable but it's so hard to find a used one in good nick! I bought a Voigtlander 35mm F1.4 few days ago...so the lens I got the lens for now I need to get the body!
  13. Thanks very much for all the comments...I should get my camera in the next few days....exciting time
  14. I'm really excited to get my hands on my first Leica..I use a lot of vintage lenses on my Canon so pretty much Im getting used to manual focus etc.... Now I just need to decide which one to grab, I have 2 good choices on eBay...the first from a professional store, 2500 counts on the shutter with 30days warranty - pretty good conditions but the bottom plate with some scratches the second one would be for a private person (which I could personally pickup since he is not too far) in mint condition, 3000 counts on shutter but just a small chip on the viewfinder (pic attached) de
  15. Jupiter 12 M39 LTM 35mm f/2.8 using the right adapter is it going to work on the M8? I may buy this as a first lens
  16. Does M43 lenses works on the M8? Using a converter obviously
  17. think i may have found a solution... I will grab a cheap Konica Hexagon (which they running pretty cheap on eBay, less than 50bucks) and once I will be back on a budget I will get something more solid. I never had/tryied a Leica so I dont feel like investing too much money as I start.... I saw some 50mm f1.8 and 28mm f3.5 Thoughts?
  18. Yeah the 240 is far away from my budget.... I was this close to buy a M8 but I think i have to re-think everything again...i have too many Eos and m42 lenses around and I cant buy more at the moment
  19. is quite hard to find a M8 still under warranty due to the age of the camera... the ones im looking at are from reputable seller (+500 positive feedbacks) and they got a pretty low shutter count (5000).... Cant really afford to buy it from a shop
  20. Hi guys, I have been lurking the forum for a couple of weeks now and me as well I'm trying to buy a Leica M8, I have already put my eyes on a couple of ebay auctions... I'm coming from the DSLR as well, im actually a film maker which slowly started to get into photography... I was just wondering is my M42 lenses will works good on the M8 (I have some nice vintage Helios i would love to keep using on the Leica) with the right converter...has anyone tryied yet? I will definitely have a look at the Elmarit 28mm but I have to hold a couple of months as the M8 Body will dry out my s
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