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  1. 8 hours ago, ianman said:

    This place... they have a website but as I live in Belgium I like to visit their brick and mortar shop in Ypres and always spend too much on goodies. I'm not sure they will ship to the UK but it's looks like they have no stock of that particular film at the moment anyway.


    ah! Yeah good price in Europe, unfortunately I'm UK based and with import taxes now (thanks Brexit😓) it won't make any sense to buy outside the country - thanks for sharing though!

  2. On 7/19/2021 at 5:34 PM, ianman said:

    It depends what you go for. I recently got a 10-pack of Kodak Color Plus for €47 (roughly £40). Ok, it's not Portra but at about 1/3 of the price it's worth trying out and it's even cheaper than Kentmere.

    I also got a 10-pack of Ilford PAN 400 for the same price... I'm going to be testing this one very soon. After I'll choose either this or HP5 and go for 30 meter bulk.

    I actually like Kodak Color Plus - and that's a good price! Can I ask you where did you get it?

  3. On 6/26/2021 at 8:52 AM, erniethemilk said:

    Look forward to your thoughts (and photos) when you get it back. 

    Do you have an ETA for return. 

    I dont know when it will be ready but from my previous experience with them usually in 7-10 from the quote approval they get it done. I will keep you guys posted once is back ..

    Loads of interesting contacts for analog repairs in this thread now this will surely come back handy...

  4. 2 hours ago, dgc said:

    After I passed my driving test I told my father I would one day own a Porsche, his wise response was anybody can buy a Porsche but can they afford to keep it running! I just wish he warned me about Leica’s in the same way and the increasing cost of Portra before I bought my M7.

    I think you are doing the right thing and will be interested to hear your opinion on the service and condition of the camera when it returns.

    Footnote: I never could afford a Porsche!



    Ah, that's a brilliant comparison, it does resonate with me! Yeah of course I will share the result once the camera come back. I opted for payment on collection - this alone should alleviate my urge to get it back 😉

  5. I came to the conclusion I will take the hit this time and go ahead with Leica, simply because the camera is already there and also it was my mistake not to liaise with local repairer in London and UK. We learn from our mistakes, I noted down all these suggestions here in the thread and I most definitely reach out to the next time.
    I thought my M6 was in pretty good conditions but if they feel like all these repairs should be carried away then...I'd rather have it back and not worry about it anymore instead of finding light leaks or any other problems which may occurs.

    Films becoming so expensive...repairs even more... ah, is becoming really a tough business to shoot film! 😕

  6. I think it's my loss on this occasion, it's probably better for me to just Leica crack on with the repair and soak it up - although I'm totally in shock. In the end, I just thought the camera has served me absolutely amazing for the last 6-7 years...never had a problem, never CLA so I guess it was going to need a bit of a refresh at some point...aaaahhh, what a painful situation.

  7. well, according to Leica they cannot split the labor so everything listed in the quote must be carried away in order to bring the camera back to all its functionality (i swear I had no problem beside that fast shutter speed curtain).
    I'm gutted. I would just hate to get the camera back, bring it somewhere else and have a similar quote tho.. advices are welcome!  

  8. 12 hours ago, Frase said:

    I can't recommend Aperture but my local camera repair person camaratiks in Edinburgh fixed a M4p where the shutter was totally seized for £150 a few year ago, the last repair they did for me was on a Canon New F1 with a faulty shutter which I would imagine is a much bigger job than working on an M6 for £130 with 6 months warranty, they normally only need a couple of weeks not months.


    10 hours ago, erniethemilk said:

    Try Alexander at Camera Obscura Repairs. He’s pretty good with M bodies. I’ve recently had a lens refurbished by him and have been very happy with the results. 


    Thanks both! Those are excellent options and if I don't use them now I will definitely do in the future. I'm just waiting for a response from Leica to clarify all the repairs they listed once we assess the real cost of the service I will valuate my actions - as for now, their quote it's off the roof.

    I'm banging my head on the wall I should have sourced a quote from independent repairs before contacting Leica...

  9. 3 hours ago, plaidshirts said:

    Pardon my ignorance but is sending it to Don Goldberg, Sherri Krauter or Youxin Ye in the US an option? If it’s a simple shutter adjustment, a CLA from them would be $2-400.

    as much as that price it's appealing I think with shipping, import charges etc it will probably get expensive as well. I will call them just to clarify what's all those repairs they have listed. I literally just had the problem with the shutter and here's their breakdown:


    Repair light seals
    Repair shutter mechanism
    Repair shutter brake
    Repair shutter curtain 1
    Repair shutter curtain 2
    Repair film transport
    Repair receiver
    Clean range finder / view finder
    Repair shutter mechanism
    Adg. VF mask / frame line mirror refl.
    Repair rewind mechanism
    Adjust range finder
    Repair friction
    Repair control elements
    Adjust electr. / mech. assembliesCleaning
    Final inspection
    Repair frameline / mask selector


    I count 12 repairs!!😓

  10. 2 minutes ago, Charles Morgan said:

    They quoted me for a service on my M2, and then when they had the camera came back with the final quote indicating the shutter curtains were in need of replacement.

    It was not cheap and I expect yours will cost more if the shutter needs a repair. So you might not save very much vs Leica. At the end of it, I have an M2 in absolutely beautiful condition.

    Ever thought of trying a UK repairer instead? They are generally slow but less costly.


    Yeah, ideally I don't want to go all the way around to spend a figure which is close to Leica. I should have tried Aperture before contacting Leica...I don't know, usually I always had a great experience for works on my digital Ms, this was my first time having a problem with a film camera...

  11. 9 minutes ago, pedaes said:

    It is well known Leica will not 'just' repair a problem, their quote will be for a full overhaul of the camera. Any repair will require leatherette to be striped.

    Unfortunately the best alternative, Will van Manen https://www.kamera-service.info/index.php/en/ is no longer accepting work from UK because of Brexit rules. If you know someone in Europe who could act as a post box maybe way to go. Will and Kathy are highly regarded.

    Thanks. I have family in Italy so I can easily bypass the brexit stuff. I guess I still have to send them the camera for a quote or they can give a rough estimate via mail?

  12. Hello everyone, 

    My Sunday just went downhill as I received a quote from Leica Germany to repair my Leica M6.
    I posted somewhere in the forum, at the end of April the camera started showing problems with the shutter at high speed (only 500th and 1000th) where the pictures would come half black (see attachment)


    After waiting 5-6weeks, I finally got a quote for repair: £976!! I almost fainted.

    I got the breakdown and I feel like they listed a huge amount of repairs where the only problem I had was this with the shutter. The last item it's literally "Repair leather / leatherette" and I'm like what?!

    I dont know, I'm actually shocked how expensive is to maintain those equipments, is it worth for me just getting the camera back and probably hear someone else? I'm gutted, I already been more than 1 month without the camera and now I don't even know if I can repair this bad boy...argh!!

  13. 6 hours ago, stray cat said:

    I just watched this video produced by Ilford. The photographer, Lucy Ridges, is not only supremely talented but is able to clearly speak and with admirable insight about her ideas, approach and motivations and I think many of us might find ourselves nodding in agreement or in recognition of what she has to say. Her work is exemplary. That she uses film should I guess be secondary but for me it totally reinforced the connection I and I think many of us feel towards photography using film and the processes involved. I enthusiastically commend this video along with the excellent Fay Godwin video that has been recommended below:


    wow this is great - so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  14. 13 hours ago, Pyrogallol said:

    Is it all the pictures or just those at 1/1000th ? 

    The shutter blinds not opening fully at higher speeds  indicates that a service is needed, but if the slower speeds are working all right you might be able to ignore it for now, how many times do we actually need 1/1000th ?

    It works well at slower speed...it's been many many years since it's been serviced so I guess it was expected!

  15. Hey! I recently saw some G-to-M converter and I was wondering if anyone in here is using Contax lenses on M bodies? Obviously it will have to be focused with Live View I'd be particular interested in using my Sonnar 90mm and 21mm.

    As much as I would love to get both lenses from Leica - at the moment I'm really not in for gears-shopping!

    Any advise would be appreciated!

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