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  1. ah! Yeah good price in Europe, unfortunately I'm UK based and with import taxes now (thanks Brexit😓) it won't make any sense to buy outside the country - thanks for sharing though!
  2. I actually like Kodak Color Plus - and that's a good price! Can I ask you where did you get it?
  3. one month went by and I didn't hear anything from Leica. I sent the camera to Germany on May 10th, agreed to carry on with the labour one month ago - still no news...wow this is taking a bit now...
  4. out in the trenches from yesterday pre-match.... I loved the convenience and size of the Q!
  5. I dont know when it will be ready but from my previous experience with them usually in 7-10 from the quote approval they get it done. I will keep you guys posted once is back .. Loads of interesting contacts for analog repairs in this thread now this will surely come back handy...
  6. I bought....actually...I upgraded to M246 from my MM1. I found a really good deal as second hand from Leica Store London. Although many told me to stick to the MM1 (rendering...rendering...rendering) I'm actually extremely happy with my M246 and I'm not looking back at all!
  7. Ah, that's a brilliant comparison, it does resonate with me! Yeah of course I will share the result once the camera come back. I opted for payment on collection - this alone should alleviate my urge to get it back 😉
  8. I came to the conclusion I will take the hit this time and go ahead with Leica, simply because the camera is already there and also it was my mistake not to liaise with local repairer in London and UK. We learn from our mistakes, I noted down all these suggestions here in the thread and I most definitely reach out to the next time. I thought my M6 was in pretty good conditions but if they feel like all these repairs should be carried away then...I'd rather have it back and not worry about it anymore instead of finding light leaks or any other problems which may occurs. Films becoming so
  9. I think it's my loss on this occasion, it's probably better for me to just Leica crack on with the repair and soak it up - although I'm totally in shock. In the end, I just thought the camera has served me absolutely amazing for the last 6-7 years...never had a problem, never CLA so I guess it was going to need a bit of a refresh at some point...aaaahhh, what a painful situation.
  10. well, according to Leica they cannot split the labor so everything listed in the quote must be carried away in order to bring the camera back to all its functionality (i swear I had no problem beside that fast shutter speed curtain). I'm gutted. I would just hate to get the camera back, bring it somewhere else and have a similar quote tho.. advices are welcome!
  11. Thanks both! Those are excellent options and if I don't use them now I will definitely do in the future. I'm just waiting for a response from Leica to clarify all the repairs they listed once we assess the real cost of the service I will valuate my actions - as for now, their quote it's off the roof. I'm banging my head on the wall I should have sourced a quote from independent repairs before contacting Leica...
  12. as much as that price it's appealing I think with shipping, import charges etc it will probably get expensive as well. I will call them just to clarify what's all those repairs they have listed. I literally just had the problem with the shutter and here's their breakdown: Disassembly Repair light seals Repair shutter mechanism Repair shutter brake Repair shutter curtain 1 Repair shutter curtain 2 Repair film transport Repair receiver Clean range finder / view finder Repair shutter mechanism Adg. VF mask / frame line mirror refl. Repair rewind mechanism Autoc
  13. Yeah, ideally I don't want to go all the way around to spend a figure which is close to Leica. I should have tried Aperture before contacting Leica...I don't know, usually I always had a great experience for works on my digital Ms, this was my first time having a problem with a film camera...
  14. Thanks. I have family in Italy so I can easily bypass the brexit stuff. I guess I still have to send them the camera for a quote or they can give a rough estimate via mail?
  15. Hello everyone, My Sunday just went downhill as I received a quote from Leica Germany to repair my Leica M6. I posted somewhere in the forum, at the end of April the camera started showing problems with the shutter at high speed (only 500th and 1000th) where the pictures would come half black (see attachment) After waiting 5-6weeks, I finally got a quote for repair: £976!! I almost fainted. I got the breakdown and I feel like they listed a huge amount of repairs where the only problem I had was this with the shutter. The last item it's literally "Repair leather / leat
  16. wow this is great - so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Testing a new/old Hasselblad 500cm with 80mm - Delta 400
  18. Ilford HP5 pushed to 3200 - Leica M6 with Voigtlander 35mm 1.4
  19. It works well at slower speed...it's been many many years since it's been serviced so I guess it was expected!
  20. I just got my roll of HP5 I shot on the day of Prince Phillips passing...argh, I think my shutter is busted! All the shots at 1/1000 are half black, so gutted! All shots are busted basically... Sad Sunday....
  21. ahh right, yeah i thought those c/y adapters had some focus mechanism but now that I'm looking at it they dont! Gutted!
  22. Hey! I recently saw some G-to-M converter and I was wondering if anyone in here is using Contax lenses on M bodies? Obviously it will have to be focused with Live View I'd be particular interested in using my Sonnar 90mm and 21mm. As much as I would love to get both lenses from Leica - at the moment I'm really not in for gears-shopping! Any advise would be appreciated!
  23. Contax G2 + 90mm Sonnar / Ilford HP5 (Pushed 1600)
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