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  1. fielden

    TL Lens Question

    So I now have a CL and an SL When I bought the CL, I bought the 11-23 TL Lens as well as the 18-56 The Cl has a crop factor of 1.6 I am told that if I put the TL lens on the SL, the sL will only use a CL size portion of the SL Sensor. My question is, if the above is true, if I put the 11-23 TL lens on the SL, will I get an 11-23mm field of view in the Camera or 18-40mm field of view (11-23 X 1.6) the same as if on the cl? Unlike with my 50mm M summilux which will be 50mm on my SL but approx 80mm on my CL. Confused Graeme
  2. fielden

    Heart says buy an SL, Head says not ???

    Done It! Heart and Mind Happy! Battery charged and 1st shots posted in the SL images thread. Cheers
  3. And Burnley Moorland
  4. First shots with New SL and 24-90 The Singing Ringing Tree - Burnley
  5. fielden

    Heart says buy an SL, Head says not ???

    I am sure this is what the Leica dealer would say haha
  6. So I have a bit of spare cash to spend at the Leica Shop I currently own a cl with the 11-23, 18-56 and R adapter with 80-200 vario-elmar. My heart is telling me I want an SL which is quite attractive with the current trade in offer and I have an Olympus OMD5 to trade in. But my head is saying, "What are you doing?" Are my photos going to be any better than the cl? Is there really any benefit in full frame? etc. and for that money I could I could buy a second cl body and a 35mm summilux?? But I know if i went to the store tomorrow I would come away with the SL. Anyone else been through this dilemma? Love to hear your thoughts.
  7. fielden

    Leica CL - the image thread

    Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds, Yorkshire CL with 18-56
  8. fielden

    Leica CL - the image thread

    With R Vario Elmar 80-200 Heavily cropped as this standoff was 100m away.
  9. I have been a member of the forum for a few years but not posted for a while as I didn't have a leica camera. I have in the past had two attempts with rangefinders M8, M6, M9 and just could get along with them due to my eyes struggling to focus manually. So I was excited to hear of the introduction of the CL with autofocus and focus peaking even with M Lenses. This is the camera I have been waiting for and went out and purchased one with the 11-23 zoom and a voightlander 50mm 1.4. So far I am delighted with the cl. I have posted some of my first shots in the image topic pages 43-44. Its good to be back! Graeme
  10. fielden

    Leica CL - the image thread

    Hollingworth Lake No.2 11-23
  11. fielden

    Leica CL - the image thread

    Hollingworth Lake - Rochdale 11-23
  12. fielden

    Almost Dusk - Time for a Draught

    Great Shot- Love the colours. Could just drink a Weissbier!
  13. fielden

    Windermere Crusoe

    Ferry Nab - Lake Windermere M-E 50mm Summarit
  14. fielden

    Inviting Pub - Blue Hour

    Lovely light indeed! Well captured Iduna
  15. fielden

    Loving my new M-E

    Just bought a new M-E and have to say I am delighted with it. One thing I hate is messing around with images in lightroom and photoshop trying to boost flat raw files. Just not my thing and I now finally have a camera that produces outstanding raw and jpeg files straight out of the camera. Maybe just a crop or slight adjustment to exposure all that is needed. Here are some of my first shots taken at Windermere with 50mm Summarit.