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  1. This is a major crop of the above photo - TL2 with 85 ZM (plus M-L adapter btw)
  2. First shot - with 85 ZM on TL2
  3. I just received a new-to-me Zeiss 85mm f 4.0 ZM lens. I stepped outside to take a few test shots. It is a nice size, not too heavy (310 grams) "Short telephoto" - looks like a 135 when mounted on a crop sensor CL, TL body. It seems very sharp and colorful - at least with my first test shots. Rick
  4. Detail from wall. TL2 - 55-135
  5. Hey Louis, I like your wall photos. Here is one from the entrance to the Baxter State Park in Maine. TL2 55-135
  6. On Monday, the Moon was full. TL2 55-135
  7. Thank you Vikas .. the TL2 has allowed me to capture the scene as I see it. Here are a few more from the Maine woods. 18-56
  8. Very little light in the forest - shooting mostly 800-1600 ISO ..TL2 55-135
  9. Baxter State Park - Mt Katahdin area .. Maine.TL2 18-56
  10. Winnowing Fan, I have been looking for an L bracket that fits a T or TL. Are you referring to the Jobu Design Small Camera Standard L Bracket? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/906011-REG/Jobu_Design_lb_sc1_Small_Camera_L_Bracket.html Rick